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Sierra Leone Ebola crisis: one year on, the road to recovery continues

21 May 2015 - A year into Sierra Leone’s battle against the Ebola virus, the country is making progress in its journey towards recovery, although much remains to be done.

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Burundi unrest: Christian Aid partners prepare to respond

18 May 2015 - Christian Aid partners are preparing to assist civilians caught up in the political unrest in Burundi, which in recent weeks has included violent street demonstrations, the exodus of over 100,000 people and an attempted military coup.

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Fighting in South Sudan leaves 300,000 people without vital aid

12 May 2015 - Fierce outbreaks of fighting in South Sudan’s Unity State have left 300,000 people in need of urgent assistance and forced up to 100,000 people from their homes in the last ten days.

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Race to Get Relief Supplies to Area Hit by New Nepal Earthquake

12 May 2015 -Christian Aid emergency workers in Nepal are trying with partner organisations to get relief through this morning to the area worst hit by today’s earthquake.

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Christian Aid Welcomes Cabinet Appointments on Climate Change and Development

May 11 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed the appointment of Amber Rudd as the new Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and the return of Justine Greening to lead DFID.

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Glencore in Zambia: The Tax Questions That Persist

May 6 2015 - Just over four years ago, Glencore faced acute embarrassment when the European Union’s bank announced an investigation of tax evasion allegations against one of Glencore’s subsidiaries in a painfully poor country: Zambia.

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Soldiers testimonies from last years Gaza conflict paints distrurbing picture

May 6 2015 – A report by Christian Aid Israeli partner organisation Breaking the Silence into last summer’s Gaza conflict paints a disturbing picture of indiscriminate fire by Israeli troops which directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians.

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Premiership stars give poverty the boot this Christian Aid Week

May 1 2015 – Prized items including former England Captain, Steven Gerrard’s signed football boots, signed shirts from the Chelsea and Everton teams and a signed photo of the Arsenal team will be auctioned for Christian Aid Week (10-16 May 2015), giving people the chance to score a winning purchase.

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Christian Aid gives viewers the Powa to help people out of poverty with world’s first interactive TV ad

May 5 2015 – On Friday 8th May international development charity Christian Aid will launch the world’s first interactive TV advert on ITV using the innovative new PowaTag app, allowing millions of people across the UK to donate immediately using their smartphone.

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Christian Aid: Church of England reading last rites to dirty energy industry

30 April 2014 - Christian Aid has welcomed the Church of England’s decision to divest from the most polluting fossil fuel companies, signalling dirty energy has no future in a low carbon world.

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Christian Aid welcomes Papal intervention in climate debate

29 April 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed Pope Francis’ conference on the environment as part of the build up to his upcoming Papal Encyclical.

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Christian Aid's Nepal Earthquake Appeal Raises £145,000 in less than 48 hours

27 April 2015 - Christian Aid supporters are responding quickly and generously to the plight of victims of the Nepal earthquake following the launch of an appeal on Saturday evening.

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Christian Aid partners ready to respond to Nepal earthquake

26 April 2015 - Christian Aid partners are providing urgent relief to victims of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal and parts of India, leaving over 2,300 dead and thousands more severely injured.

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Christian Aid makes £50,000 available to Nepal earthquake victims

25 April 2015 - Christian Aid has made an initial £50,000 available to help victims of the Nepal earthquake, and will launch an appeal to supporters for further funding.

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India’s ‘man-eating’ tigers help protect millions from impacts of climate change

22 April 2015 - A new interactive story explores how Royal Bengal tigers in the Indian Sundarbans are helping to protect millions of people in Kolkata and south Bengal from the devastating impacts of climate change.

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HSBC is the UK’s most secretive bank, says Christian Aid

21 April 2015 - A comparison of what the UK’s big four High Street banks reveal about their operations around the world shows that HSBC is currently by far the most secretive.

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SNP gives welcome backing to climate and tax justice, says Christian Aid

20 April 2015 - The Scottish National Party’s election manifesto, published today, gives welcome backing to the poor in developing countries with its call for action on climate change and support for tax justice, says Christian Aid.

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Liberal Democrat manifesto offers an ambitious vision for our global future

15 April 2015 - Today’s Liberal Democrat manifesto offers a vision of a fair and sustainable future for all, including the world’s poorest people.

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Conservative and Green manifestos show welcome commitment to people in poverty

14 April 2015 - The Conservatives are right to stand by UK aid for the world’s poorest people, Christian Aid said today as the party publishes its election manifesto.

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Labour policies on tax & climate change offer hope to people living in poverty

13 April 2015 - In the week of manifesto launches, the tax reforms pledged by the Labour Party today are urgently needed against the scandal of multinational tax trickery.

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World not delivering on Gaza reconstruction promises, new report warns

13 April 2015 - The international community must urgently change its approach to Gaza and deliver on promises of reconstruction, 46 agencies said today in a new report on the lack of progress since last year's conflict.

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Life through a rural lens: new exhibition showcases photos by Ghanaian farmers

31 March 2015 - Christian Aid is hosting a free photography exhibition in east London documenting the lives, successes and concerns of rural Ghanaian farmers, as told through their own eyes.

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Ebola outbreak: the crisis is not yet over

26 March 2015 - In the week of the first anniversary of the Ebola outbreak, Christian Aid has reaffirmed its commitment to help hard-hit communities in Sierra Leone at a time when complacency could jeopardise the fight to eradicate the virus.

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UK leads world with new law to reveal who really owns companies

24 March 2015 - The UK is to create the world’s first public register of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who own companies, after Parliament today gave its final approval to the pioneering move against financial criminals.

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New ‘Yellow Budget’ tax offence must apply outside as well as within UK

19 March 2015 - Christian Aid’s Senior Economic Justice Adviser Joseph Stead comments on the ‘Yellow Budget’ announced by Danny Alexander this morning.

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Budget tax reforms leave poor countries out in the cold, says Christian Aid

18 March 2015 - Christian Aid sees little in the UK Chancellor’s Budget Speech, or the European Commission’s new plan on tax transparency, to make a difference to the tax dodging which drains billions from developing countries every year.

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New ruling highlights ongoing secrecy around Glencore tax case in Zambia

18 March 2015 - In a new twist in the long-running tax mystery around Glencore’s Zambian subsidiary, the European Union’s own bank has been officially accused of hiding what it knows about the affair.

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Christian Aid Supports Vanuatu Relief Effort And Urges Prompt Climate Action

16 March 2015 - Christian Aid is to make an initial £25,000 available to partner organisations providing emergency supplies in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam which hit the Pacific island chain of Vanuatu on Friday, killing at least eight people, injuring many more, and reducing many houses and shops to matchwood.

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Christian Aid welcomes proposed action against those who help tax evaders

14 March 2015 - Commenting on a speech given today by Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Christian Aid welcomed the Lib Dems’ search for new ways to stop tax evaders and encouraged them to look beyond the UK when designing their proposals.

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Christian Aid calls on UN to empower disaster prone communities

11 March 2015 - This week UN member states meet in Sendai, Japan, to negotiate a new global disaster risk reduction (DRR) plan which will aim to make vulnerable communities around the world more resilient to extreme weather events.

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Syria crisis: the human cost of four years of fighting

11 March 2015 - As the Syria conflict enters its fifth year this weekend, the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II continues to escalate.

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Rowan Williams hails Parliamentary approval of UK Aid Bill

09 March 2015 - Christian Aid Chair Rowan Williams today praised Parliamentarians of all parties for coming together to pass a Bill which commits the UK to spend 0.7 per cent of its national income on aid.

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EU climate contribution: a good first step but risky strategy says Christian Aid

6 March 2015 - Today the EU’s Environment Council confirmed its official submission to the UN on its contribution to the global climate deal to be signed in Paris this December.

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Rowan Williams to reflect on the Christian response to the suffering of World War Two on Radio 4

3 March 2015 - On Sunday March 8, Christian Aid’s 70th anniversary will be marked on Radio 4’s Sunday Worship with a sermon given by the charity’s Chair, Dr Rowan Williams.

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Christian Aid calls on governments to keep their promises to women and girls

3 March 2015 - Governments meeting for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York must commit more resources and greater determination if they want to make significant progress towards gender equality.

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Christian Aid responds to EU climate proposals

25 February 2015 - Christian Aid has today given a cautious welcome to the EU’s proposals towards a global climate deal to be signed later this year in Paris.

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Christian Aid responds to Plaid Cymru and SDLP support for Tax Dodging Bill

23 February 2015 - Laura Taylor, Head of Advocacy, responds to new announcements of political support for the Tax Dodging Bill for which Christian Aid and others are campaigning.

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Christian Aid welcomes bishops’ call for Christians to engage in politics

17 February 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed today’s intervention from the Church of England encouraging Christians to engage in politics and use their democratic voice for the common good.

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Rowan Williams: Politics isn’t just about elections, it’s about how we live together

16 February 2015 - With the General Election less than 100 days away and the campaign trail topping the news agenda, three Christian organisations are holding a conference to help people explore what it means to engage with politics from a faith perspective.

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Christian Aid responds to Green Party announcement on tax dodging

13 February 2015 - Christian Aid’s Head of Advocacy Laura Taylor Welcomes the Green Party’s announcement of its support for a Tax Dodging Bill, to be introduced within 100 days of the election.

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Christian Aid welcomes Geneva climate ‘clay’ to be shaped for Paris

13 February 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed agreement of the document that will form a global climate change deal to be signed in Paris in December.

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Faith leaders' pivotal role in Ebola response was overlooked

11 February 2015 - As Ebola infection rates drop in Sierra Leone, Christian relief agencies are urging global and national institutions, donors and policy makers to ensure Sierra Leone’s faith leaders are given a “pivotal” role in their post-Ebola recovery plans.

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Christian Aid responds to Labour announcement on tax dodging

11 February 2015 - Christian Aid’s Head of Advocacy Laura Taylor responds to the Labour announcement of new measures to tackle tax dodging.

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Era of bank secrecy still far from over for developing countries: Christian Aid

6 February 2015 G20 Finance Ministers meeting in Istanbul this weekend still have much to do if the claim ‘the era of bank secrecy is over’ is to mean anything in developing counties.

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Tax is a moral issue says Christian Aid as MPs unveil new report on large accountancy firms

6 February 2015 Commenting before the release of a new Public Accounts Committee report on the role of large accountancy firms in tax avoidance, Toby Quantrill, Principal Economic Justice Adviser at Christian Aid said: “Scandals such as Lux leaks have highlighted the chasm between what is ‘legal’ and what the vast majority of people in Britain regard as morally right.

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Christian Aid urges states to safeguard citizens' right to humanitarian aid

06 February 2015 - Christian Aid has joined forces with over 30 European relief agencies to call on governments to “reaffirm and protect” people's fundamental right to humanitarian aid.

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Archbishop Justin Welby is right to speak out on tax justice, says Christian Aid

4 February 2015 - Archbishop Justin Welby’s comments today about the importance of companies paying their fair share of tax in the countries where they make their money are extremely welcome, says Christian Aid.

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Mbeki report on financial crime will shift global tax debate, says Christian Aid

31 January 2015 - A new African Union report showing how financial crime drains at least $50 billion a year from the continent will turbo-charge the global campaign for tax justice, Christian Aid says today.

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Christian Aid launches poverty and gender teaching resource

29 January 2015 - Christian Aid has launched an interactive action pack for schools as part of a new initiative to teach pupils about the challenges faced by women and girls living in extreme poverty worldwide.

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Parties given 200-day challenge to fight back at global tax dodgers

27 January 2015 - Stopping multinational companies from dodging their taxes, which cheats societies out of billions of pounds of lost revenue, must be a top priority for the next government, a new coalition of 17 British organisations said today, which marks 100 days before Britain goes to the polls.

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Christian leaders back call for new law against global tax dodging

27 January 2015 - Christian leaders have thrown their weight behind a new campaign for political parties to promise to act against tax avoidance if they get elected.

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Christian Aid supports thousands hit by catastrophic Malawi floods

23 January 2015 - Christian Aid is providing emergency assistance to deluged communities in Malawi, in the aftermath of the worst floods the country has seen in nearly two decades.

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New Report Reveals Results of Medical Fact Finding Mission to Gaza

21 January 2015 - A new report published by Christian Aid partner Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHR-Israel) highlights the indiscriminate use of large quantities of powerful explosives by Israeli forces during last summer’s 50-day conflict, and attacks on medical rescue teams.

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Christian Aid sends emergency funds to protect familes in the Middle East from bitter winter

20 January 2015 - The most violent winter storm for two decades swept across conflict-affected areas of the Middle East last week bringing heavy snow, rainfall, high winds and freezing temperatures.

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Christian Aid Welcomes Miliband Spotlight on Global Poverty and Climate Change

January 15 2015 - Christian Aid today welcomed Labour leader Ed Miliband’s acknowledgement of 2015 as a crucial year in the battle against acute global poverty and climate change.

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Human rights and development groups welcome Palestine’s move to join ICC; urge Europe’s support

8 January 2014 - Palestine’s accession to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a welcome move that will help deter war crimes and end impunity in the region, and should be supported by European countries said Christian Aid and other development and human rights groups today.

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Christian Aid urges parties to remember people living in poverty worldwide

13 January 2015 - Christian Aid today launches its bid to influence all UK political parties’ general election manifestos.

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Haiti earthquake five years on: much has been achieved, much remains to be done

9 January 2015 - On the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, the development progress made in the country is at risk of being overshadowed by the needs that have yet to be addressed, Christian Aid says.

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Christian Aid Becomes Living Wage Employer

7 January 2015 - Christian Aid is delighted to announce that it has been accredited as a Living Wage employer.

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Christian Aid steps up support for Ebola survivors, orphans and quarantined families

31 December 2014 - The plight of thousands of people affected by the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone must not be forgotten says Christian Aid, as the first case of the deadly virus is diagnosed on British soil.

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A New Year’s resolution that could change the world

30 December 2014 - This New Year, Christian Aid is urging Governments to commit to a resolution that could really make a difference: to collect the taxes needed to tackle poverty and create a better world.

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UK tax havens more exposed than ever after EU moves to end company secrecy

17 December 2014 - The UK’s tax havens came under new pressure today to end their extreme financial secrecy after the European Union moved to shine a light on who really owns millions of companies.

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Christian Aid backs MPs’ demand for new global goal on climate change

15 December 2014 - MPs are right to demand that a strong ‘green thread’ runs through all the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Christian Aid says today in response to a report by the Environmental Audit select committee.

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UN climate talks: the clock to Paris is ticking

14 December 2014 - Nations at the UN climate summit in Lima have failed to respond to the call of the public, scientists and investors, said Christian Aid - but there is still time to change the course of history.

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Christian Aid welcomes U.S. Kerry climate speech as ‘repentant sinner’

11 December 2014 - Christian Aid today welcomed the speech given by United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, at the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru.

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UK minister makes welcome push to expose fossil fuel investment risk

11 December 2014 - Christian Aid today welcomed the comments by the UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey calling for companies and pension funds to fully disclose their risky fossil fuel assets.

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Christian Aid welcomes Bishops’ call for fossil fuel phase out

11 December 2014 - More than 15,000 people took part in Latin America's largest ever climate march in Lima as Catholic Bishops from around the world called for an end to the fossil fuel era.

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EU bank ordered to reveal what it knows about Glencore tax allegations

10 December 2014 - The EU’s own bank has been ordered to reveal what it knows about alleged tax evasion by a mining company controlled by commodities giant Glencore.

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Christian Aid responds to Ed Davey comments at Lima climate summit

9 December 2014 - Christian Aid today welcomed comments made today at the UN climate summit in Lima by the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, but urged him to make sure he left Peru with more than just an emissions focused agreement.

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Christian Aid partners train volunteers to offer psychosocial care to Ebola-hit communities

9 December 2014 - Christian Aid is training hundreds of local volunteers in Sierra Leone to offer much-needed psychosocial support to individuals and families affected by the Ebola outbreak.

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Tsunami: 10 years after the wave - online exhibition features Tim Hetherington work

Call for mandatory carbon reporting from UK firms

8 December 2014 - Ten years on from the Indian Ocean tsunami, which killed almost 250,000 people on Boxing Day 2004, Christian Aid is marking the anniversary by launching Tsunami: 10 years after the wave.

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Christian Aid condemns absence of UK minister from crucial climate talks

8 December 2014 - Christian Aid has today urged the Government to reconsider the absence of climate change minister Amber Rudd from the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru.

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As Hagupit rages Filipinos call for action at Lima climate summit

7 December 2014 - At the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru, a Christian Aid partner from the Philippines has called on negotiators to take action on climate change as Typhoon Hagupit bears down on his country.

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UNEP report shows cruel irony at heart of Lima talks says Christian Aid

5 December 2014 - Christian Aid called for negotiators at the UN climate summit in Lima to heed the warnings of today’s United Nations Environment Programme report showing the drastic costs developing countries will face adapting to climate change.

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Christian Aid hails Parliamentary success for UK Aid Bill

5 December 2014 - Christian Aid is delighted that a new law to ensure the UK spends 0.7 per cent of its national income on aid has been passed by the House of Commons and will now go to the House of Lords for further debate.

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UN Secretary-General hits right note on global goals, says Christian Aid

4 December 2014 - Christian Aid today hails a major advance in work on the new global goals which will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire at the end of 2015.

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Climate talks tepee in danger without progress on adaptation at Lima summit

3 December 2014 - As the UN climate talks in Lima, Peru, began in earnest, Christian Aid warned that the lack of equal progress on climate finance, adaptation and emissions cuts threaten to derail a Paris deal.

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Autumn statement: Chancellor has more to do on tax fairness, says Christian Aid

3 December 2014 - Responding to the UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Laura Taylor, Head of Advocacy at Christian Aid, said: “It’s good to see George Osborne acting on the huge public demand for big companies to pay their fair share of tax, with the new Diverted Profits Tax. But it’s not just the UK that needs tax fairness – developing countries need it too."

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London Afghanistan conference: massive deterioration in safety for aid workers and rights campaigners - new survey finds

2 December 2014 - Ahead of the London Conference on Afghanistan, which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, a coalition of charities and aid organisations has today released survey results which show aid workers and rights campaigners in the country feel dramatically less safe than a year ago.

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It's time for British tax havens to unmask who owns companies, says Christian Aid

2 December 2014 - A year after Britain’s tax havens agreed to consider lifting the secrecy around who really owns the hundreds of thousands of companies they host, they have made alarmingly little progress and many criminals will rest easier as a result, a new Christian Aid assessment warns today.

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The future of Afghanistan is at risk, experts warn Cameron

1 December 2014 - Large cuts to the Afghanistan aid budget in the wake of troop withdrawals could wreck the huge improvements made in the last decade and threaten a new generation of Afghans to a life of poverty, a meeting of over 200 Afghan and international experts will warn on Wednesday 3 December.

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New UK rules for extractive industries a welcome move against corruption

1 December 2014 - Christian Aid welcomed the entry into force today of new regulations requiring extractive industries to report the payments they make to governments as an important move against corruption, and a significant first step in reforming corporate transparency.

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Thousands fast for the climate but Yeb Sano not at Lima talks

1 December 2014 - On the opening day of the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru, the largest climate fast in history takes place – including the island of Tuvalu - but Filipino Yeb Sano who inspired the movement is not at the crunch talks.

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85% of British adults say tax avoidance by large companies is morally wrong

1 December 2014 - More than four in five (85%) British adults say tax avoidance by large companies is morally wrong even if it’s legal, according to a new ComRes poll for Christian Aid and ActionAid.

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Brazilians triumph in 'David v Goliath' tax battle

28 November 2014 - Thousands of poor Brazilians are celebrating victory in a David v Goliath-style battle to be exempted from huge tax demands for land on which they have lived and worked for more than 100 years.

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Christian Aid calls for end to caste-based discrimination and equal human rights for all across South Asia

21 November 2014 - Christian Aid and its partner organisations across South Asia are calling for the leaders of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to put caste-based discrimination at the heart of the agenda of a vital summit in Nepal next week.

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Speaker’s Chaplain and chart-topping vicar to join Christian Aid’s advent carol service

21 November 2014 - The Speaker’s Chaplain the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin and chart-topping vicar the Rev Richard Coles will be joining award-winning musicians for an evening of song and seasonal reflections at Christian Aid’s 2014 Advent Carol Service in west London, on 4 December.

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Christian Aid welcomes UK Green Climate Fund pledge

20 November 2014 - Christian Aid today welcomed the UK Government’s pledge to commit £720 million to the Green Climate Fund which will go to help the poorest countries adapt to the effects of climate change and develop in a sustainable way.

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Christian Aid distributes start-up kits to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone

18 November 2014 - Christian Aid is distributing essential household items to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone this week as part of an initiative launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to meet Ebola survivors’ immediate needs and help them rebuild their lives.

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Rich have more influence than poor over tax reform

13 November 2014 - Rich countries and multinational companies seem to have had more influence over international efforts to stop them dodging tax than many poor countries, Christian Aid warns today.

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New report - EU tax policies still draining resources from developing countries

12 November 2014 - In the wake of the ‘Luxembourg Leaks’ investigation exposing the secret deals which have allowed multinational companies to dodge taxes on a massive scale, a new report reveals that governments across the European Union are failing to live up to their pledges to tackle tax abuse. limate Walk.

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Christian Aid marks Haiyan commemoration with climate negotiator Yeb Sano

8 November 2014 - As the world marks a year since Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, members of Christian Aid and its partner organisations joined Filipino UN Climate Negotiator Yeb Sano on the final leg of his 1000km Climate Walk.

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One year on global leaders must heed Haiyan warning

6 November 2014 - November 8 marks the first anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest tropical storm ever recorded making landfall, which devastated large parts of the Philippines, killing 6,300. The death toll also made it one of the deadliest typhoons in recorded history.

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Christian Aid reaches more than 290,000 people since Typhoon Haiyan

3 November 2014 - A year since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Christian Aid and its partner organisations continue to help affected communities and have reached more than 290,000 people with much-needed immediate food and shelter, as well as new means of earning an income.

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Christian Aid turns to prophets of old for climate change hope

31 October 2014 - As the question of how we set about tackling climate change increasingly becomes not just an economic and political issue, but a moral one too, a new paper from Christian Aid draws inspiration from the Biblical prophets.

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Faith leaders on the frontline of the Ebola crisis

31 October 2014 - Faith leaders across West Africa are using their unique position of influence within communities to speak out and help stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, say the faith-based member agencies of the Disaster and Emergency Committee (DEC).

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MPs are right to demand more transparency from mining, oil & gas firms

28 October 2014 - Responding to a new report about mining, oil and gas companies by the House of Commons’ Business, Innovation and Skills Committee

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Christian Aid distributes emergency food aid to quarantined homes in Ebola ‘hotspots’ to prevent starvation

27 October 2014 - Christian Aid is delivering emergency food and hygiene kits this week to some of the most vulnerable families under quarantine in two of Sierra Leone’s Ebola ‘hotspots’ in order to prevent families from starving.

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EU heads of state step in right direction on carbon targets

24 October 214 - Christian Aid today welcomed a new EU package of climate and energy targets agreed at a Brussels heads of state meeting in the early hours, saying the decision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ‘at least’ 40 per cent by 2030 was ‘a good start’.

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‘Good’ companies may have to pay more tax than law requires, say theologians

21 October 2014 - Multinational companies may have a moral duty to pay more tax than the letter of the law strictly requires of them, according to a new Christian Aid report about tax and theology.

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Hunger threatens to undermine Ebola quarantine measures, warns Christian Aid

21 October 2014 - The risk of hunger and malnutrition within Ebola-hit communities in West Africa is threatening to undermine the effectiveness of quarantine measures and, with it, the wider Ebola response, warns Christian Aid.

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Fair tax assurances by FTSE100 energy firm a welcome move – Christian Aid

20 October 2014 - Christian Aid today welcomed the award of the Fair Tax Mark to the energy company SSE - the first FTSE 100 business to be entitled to use the symbol.

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New Bible resource launched to help churches engage with economic injustice

17 October 2014 - A new publication from the Jubilee Debt Campaign, compiled with the assistance of Christian Aid and All We Can: Methodist Relief and Development, is helping churches relate real world economic problems to biblical teachings.

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Christian Aid praises move to end ‘Double Irish’ as land mark moment for tax justice

14 October 2014 - Christian Aid today praised the Irish government’s decision to phase out of the ‘Double Irish’ tax avoidance scheme as a landmark moment in the fight for tax justice. It warned, however, that plans by the government to introduce a ‘Knowledge Development Box’ tax allowance would be a retrograde step.

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Emergency relief efforts underway to help India cyclone victims

14 October 2014 - Christian Aid partners are involved in the relief effort now underway in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha after Cyclone Hudhud forced 350,000 people to abandon their homes.

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Christian Aid welcomes Nobel Peace Prize for India’s Kailash Satyarthi

10 October 2014 - Christian Aid is delighted by the news that Kailash Satyarthi has jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work against child labour and in support of children’s rights.

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Gaza needs more than money

10 October 2014 - Christian Aid urges governments pledging to fund the reconstruction of Gaza also engage politically to help break the existing cycle of blockade, conflict and destruction.

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Parents risk leaving children ‘homeless’ by not naming guardians in will

6 October 2014 - What is the first thing you think about when making a Will? Who to leave your money to? But, if you are a parent with a dependent child one very important question a Will should address is ‘who will look after your children should both parents pass away?’

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Mopani-Glencore claim to Zambia tax refund cannot be taken seriously

2 October 2014 - A mining company’s claim that it is owed a substantial VAT refund in Zambia is impossible to take seriously because of continuing secrecy around an investigation of allegations that the same company evaded a large amount of tax in the country, Christian Aid says today.

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Christian Aid hails new era of climate politics at UN summit

23 September 2014 - At Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit Christian Aid praised the new political atmosphere in which heads of state committed to specific actions to tackle climate change.

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World's biggest ever climate march sends urgent message to world leaders

21 September 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have taken to the streets in the largest ever mass-mobilisation for the climate.

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G20 decision a positive move but poorer countries will see little benefit

21 September 2014 - Christian Aid’s principal advisor on economic justice Toby Quantrill said today: 'The G20 finance ministers agreement to automatically exchange tax information on a reciprocal basis by the end of 2018 is welcome, but given that 46 jurisdictions have already agreed to meet this standard earlier than 2018, there is little new in this announcement.'

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Economists make financial case for climate action – new report

16 September 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the publication of a new report outlining in economic terms the global benefits of transitioning to a low carbon economy.

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Christian Aid praises MPs voting for aid budget bill

12 September 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the news that a Commons bill to enshrine in law Britain’s aid spending target has progressed to the next stage of the law making process.

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Christian Aid launches appeal to help flood victims in South Asia

12 September 2014 - Christian Aid has launched an appeal to help victims of severe floods across four countries in South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal – that have so far claimed an estimated 500 lives.

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Treasury urged to stop European Bank's 'extraordinary' slide towards secrecy

11 September 2014 - Campaigners are urging the UK Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to help halt a dangerous slide towards secrecy at a giant bank of which the UK is an owner.

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Christian Aid: urgent call to MPs to support new law on aid and save lives

10 September 2014 - Christian Aid is making an urgent call to MPs to act this Friday to help secure the UK’s proud record of support for people living in poverty around the world.

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Poverty cannot be tackled without fighting climate change: new report

10 September 2014 - As world leaders meet in New York later this month at a summit convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the global fight against climate change, a new report highlights the crucial role a new set of Sustainable Development Goals must play in meeting the challenge.

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Rowan Williams calls on David Cameron to provide prophetic leadership at UN Summit

10 September 2014 - Now that David Cameron has confirmed his attendance at the UN climate summit of world leaders in New York, Christian Aid’s Chair, Rowan Williams, has urged him to deliver on his promise to lead ‘The Greenest Government Ever’ and provide a prophetic vision to protect the planet.

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Christian Aid praises UK Government for leadership stance on climate

9 September 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the announcement by the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, ahead of the crucial climate talks in New York on September 23.

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Church leaders from four continents meet to learn about gender inequality

9 September 2014 - With the Church of England’s ‘facilitated discussions’ credited with creating the conditions for the acceptance of women bishops, Christian Aid has brought together emerging church leaders from four continents to highlight some of the challenges around gender inequality.

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Christian Aid calls for end to identity-based violence in Iraq and UK

3 September 2014 - The recent upsurge in violence in Iraq has led to a major new humanitarian crisis with more than 1.45 million people forced to flee their homes since the start of the year, many of them from persecuted religious minorities including Yazidis, Shabak and around 100,000 Christians.

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Christian Aid's Gaza Appeal tops £1 million

29 August 2014 - Christian Aid’s Gaza Crisis Appeal, launched just over five weeks ago to help those affected by the conflict, has topped £1 million.

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Gaza conflict costs agriculture and fisheries sectors more than $100 million

27 August 2014 - Christian Aid partner in Gaza, the Agricultural Development Association, estimates that the recent conflict has cost the agricultural and fisheries sectors more than US$100 million, resulting in more than 8,700 families losing their means of income.

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Vicar to run epic 630-mile coastal challenge for Christian Aid

13 August 2014 - Running 24 marathons in just over two weeks would not be most people’s choice of summer break, but a Somerset vicar will be attempting just that when he sets off on a 630-mile run along the South West Coastal Path from Minehead to Poole via Land’s End at 6am on Thursday 14 August.

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Helping churches respond to the crisis in Iraq and Gaza

11 August 2014 - To help churches engage with the terrible suffering happening in Gaza and Iraq, Christian Aid has produced some resources to help Christians reflect, pray and act

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End the horror in Iraq

8 August 2014 - Christian Aid is horrified by the terrifying situation in northern Iraq where hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes in fear of their lives in the last few days due to the advance of IS (Islamic State) forces.

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DEC announces Gaza Crisis Appeal

7 August 2014 - The Disasters Emergency Committee has today [Thursday] announced that it will launch an appeal on Friday 8 August for people affected by the conflict in Gaza. Donations are already being accepted via the DEC website and 24 hour donations line.

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Christian Aid gives qualified welcome to MPs' new report on Gaza and the West Bank

5 August 2014 - 'The MPs' report is extremely welcome because it puts the Gaza conflict into its wider context – one which has been all too often neglected in recent weeks but which must be understood and dealt with, if the violence is ever to be permanently halted.'

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Gaza ceasefire: chance to reach out to a population at breaking point

5 August 2014 - Christian Aid’s partners in Gaza are using the 72-hour ceasefire to reach some of the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the conflict with life saving medicine, food and clean water.

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Christian Aid scales up emergency response to Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

5 August 2014 - Christian Aid has scaled up its response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone to target 3.8 million people across the country with potentially life-saving advice on how to avoid contracting the deadly disease.

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Christian Aid urges George Osborne to intervene on secret bank tax report

5 August 2014 - Christian Aid is appealing to George Osborne to help secure the release of a report by the European Investment Bank (EIB) on whose Board of Governors he sits.

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EIB threatens to become one of the world's most secretive financial institutions

31 July 2014 - The European Union’s Bank is proposing changes to its rules on information disclosure which would make it one of the most secretive financial institutions in the world, campaigners are warning.

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Christian Aid statement on Gaza: Impunity must end

30 July 2014 - Christian Aid has been working with the poorest people in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory since the early 1950s, when we provided help to Palestinian refugees.

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Christian Aid publishes new paper examining the theology of gender

29 July 2014 - Being made male or female should be a gift of God, not a weapon of oppression says a new paper by Christian Aid, Of the Same Flesh: exploring a theology of gender.

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Christian Aid welcomes UK carbon budget pledge ahead of key climate summit

22 July 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the UK government's decision to leave its fourth carbon budget unchanged and called for increased global leadership ahead of a crunch period for climate talks.

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Christian Aid launches Gaza appeal

22 July 2014 - Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal to address the mounting humanitarian needs of thousands of innocent civilians caught in the violence in Gaza.

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Christian Aid welcomes government ambition to tackle FGM and child marriage

22 July 2014 - Long-term solutions to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage are essential to ensure progress towards ending harmful practices.

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OECD move against tax dodging will not benefit poor countries

21 July 2014 - The OECD, which is supposed to provide guidelines for good practice among its member states, has missed another opportunity to show they are committed to ensuring developing countries benefit from changes in international tax practices, says Christian Aid.

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Progress on global development goals but much work remains, says Christian Aid

21 July 2014 - Negotiators of the next global plan to reduce poverty and protect the environment made progress at the weekend and agreed proposals which include welcome new goals on climate change and on inequality, Christian Aid says today.

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This is your chance to crush criminals, campaigners tell MPs

15 July 2014 - Campaigners are urging MPs to seize their chance this week to design an effective new weapon against criminals including tax evaders, money launderers and those who steal public funds.

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Christian Aid calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire

11 July 2014 - Christian Aid is appalled at the spiralling levels of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and calls for an immediate ceasefire to protect innocent civilians from paying the ultimate price for political failure. Christian Aid urges the UK government to give its full support to ensure a ceasefire is brokered now.

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Tax justice has come a long way - but dramatic global reform still needed

10 July 2014 - Following widespread reporting of aggressive tax avoidance this week, Christian Aid is keen to highlight the wider picture: that while the world has changed for tax dodging companies and individuals, dramatic further reforms are needed.

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Fallen hero: Christian Aid 'disappointed' at pop star tax dodging

9 July 2014 - Christian Aid expresses disappointment that singer Katie Melua, who was nominated for their Tax Superhero Award four years ago after she publicly stated that she paid ‘nearly half of what comes to me in taxes’, had participated in an aggressive tax avoidance scheme.

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Christian Aid responds to Nigeria conflict that has displaced 50,000

07 July 2014 - Christian Aid partners are providing emergency support to some 50,000 people who have fled a conflict in the north central state of Benue in Nigeria.

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Christian Aid hails parties' race to the top on tax

30 June 2014 - The outbreak of competition between UK political parties about who is toughest on tax evasion and avoidance is extremely welcome, says Christian Aid.

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New report reveals finance and support gap for clean energy access enterprises

26 June 2014 - A new report published today reveals how donors, investors, technical experts and policy makers can improve support to enterprises providing access to clean energy in the developing world.

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Christian Aid calls on parties to make climate manifesto pledge

24 June - As parties begin to draw up their manifestos ahead of next year’s General Election campaign, Christian Aid, its supporters and faith groups across the UK are demanding that action to tackle climate change be at the heart of parties’ plans for government.

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G8 has yet to live up to its promises on tax and transparency

18 June - G8 countries have yet to live up to the important commitments they made on tax and transparency at their Northern Ireland summit a year ago. New analysis by Christian Aid, Action Aid, Global Witness and the Financial Transparency Coalition shows the UK government needs to build on its leadership if there is to be a strong and lasting legacy to the tax commitments made at Lough Erne.

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Christian Aid welcomes UK China climate pact

17 June 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the joint statement by the UK and China on climate change but urged them to back up their positive words with significant and meaningful action.

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Christian Aid: Time for rich nations to get out their climate chequebooks

17 June 2014 - As negotiations at the Bonn climate talks reached their conclusion on Sunday, Christian Aid warns that leaders of rich countries need to show up to the September summit called by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with their climate cheque books in hand.

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Christian Aid launches Iraq crisis appeal

16 June 2014 - Christian Aid has launched an appeal to enable its partner organisations in northern Iraq to step up relief operations to help the thousands who have fled in the face of an offensive by insurgents in recent days.

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Israel force feeding hunger striking prisoners a violation of human rights and medical ethics

12 June 2014 - Efforts to force feed more than 100 Palestinian detainees on hunger strike are a violation of human rights and should be condemned, says Christian Aid’s partner Physicians for Human Rights (PHR Israel)

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South Sudan crisis spilling over into regional emergency, warns Christian Aid

12 June 2014 - More than 350,000 refugees from the fighting in South Sudan are expected to flee across the border into Ethiopia in coming months, warns Christian Aid.

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Colombia: Peace talks must remain a priority

12 June 2014 - With the final round of the presidential elections due in Colombia, Christian Aid urges that peace talks between the government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels remain a priority.

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Journalists and human rights defenders speak out at summit on sexual violence in conflict

05 June 2014 - Journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima, a survivor of sexual violence in Colombia’s conflict, is in the UK to attend the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. There she will highlight the ongoing impunity for crimes of sexual violence in the country’s continuing internal armed conflict.

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Queen's Speech: Christian Aid welcome for new law to reveal who owns UK firms

4 June 2014 - Christian Aid today welcomes the inclusion in the Queen’s Speech of government plans for a new public register of who really owns millions of UK companies.

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Christian Aid calls for climate progress in Bonn following US and China announcements

4 June 2014 - Christian Aid has called on countries at the UN climate negotiations in Bonn to build on positive moves from the US and China to reduce carbon emissions.

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Christian Aid responds to Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

02 June 2014 - Christian Aid is responding to an outbreak of deadly Ebola, that started in Guinea in March and has now crossed the border into Sierra Leone, resulting in five confirmed deaths and a further 31 suspected cases.

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Brazilians pay price of tax breaks for World Cup sponsors, warns campaigners

30 May 2014 - FIFA must end its ‘obscene’ insistence on World Cup host countries giving tax breaks worth hundreds of millions to the event’s corporate sponsors, a new campaign is urging

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Pope Francis visit to West Bank could inject hope into peace talks says Christian Aid

23 May 2014 - Christian Aid has welcomed the announcement that Pope Francis will visit the West Bank on Sunday 25 May and hopes that his presence will rejuvenate stalled peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

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A step in the right direction for thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent

23 May 2014 - Tens of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent have had the threat of statelessness lifted as a new law approved by the Dominican Senate puts an end to months of uncertainty.

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South Sudan: Fears that cholera outbreak will spread as rains begin

21 May 2014 - Fears are mounting that a cholera outbreak in and around Juba, which has already killed nine people and reportedly infected another 188, will spread among tens of thousands of people still living in over-crowded, unsanitary camps as the rainy season approaches.

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DRC: FDLR rebels greet latest disarmament plans with violence

20 May 2014 - Following the launch of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) £100m disarmament strategy, which aims to eradicate 54 militias over the next five years with UN support, the largest rebel group has significantly escalated violence against civilians living in the east of the vast central African state.

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Glencore must end secrecy around its finances, says Christian Aid

16 May 2014 - Commodities giant GlencoreXstrata must open up its finances to public scrutiny to help reassure investors, governments and citizens about its international tax affairs, Christian Aid urges today.

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New research reveals a black hole at the heart of London's FTSE100

FTSEcrecy report ETHMB

13 May 2014 - The secrecy surrounding thousands of subsidiaries created in tax havens by leading UK companies has created a black hole at the heart of the FTSE100, a new Christian Aid report warns today.

New report

Presidential award for Burundi Sunflower Scheme funded by Guernsey

12 May 2014 - A Burundi development agency jointly funded by the Guernsey Overseas Commission, Christian Aid and the Irish Quakers has received a prestigious award from the Burundi President, Pierre Nkurunziza, for its role in helping small-scale farmers producing sunflower oil.

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Ed Miliband: Christian Aid supporters are the social conscience of Britain

12 May 2014 - Labour leader Ed Miliband and Conservative International Development Secretary Justine Greening have united in praise of Christian Aid Week, the largest single act of Christian witness in the UK, which started on Sunday

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Rowan Williams: Redistributing power is crucial to tackle violence & poverty

Dr Rowan Williams

09 May 2014 - In an inaugural parliamentary lecture on Friday night to launch Christian Aid Week, Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, highlighted the role that inequality plays in provoking violence.

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Commitment to securing humanitarian access in South Sudan a step forward says ACT

08 May 2014- Renewed commitment by opposing parties in the South Sudan conflict to secure humanitarian access to provide aid for the hundreds of thousands of displaced people within the country is step forward toward active protection of civilians, ACT Alliance has said.

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Christian Aid Week helps people face a future without fear

07 May 2014 - This year’s Christian Aid Week (11-17 May 2014 www.caweek.org), Britain’s longest running door-to door fundraising week, is asking the British public to support communities in war-ravaged countries to rebuild their lives and live a life free from fear.

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Rowan Williams Lives Below the Line for Christian Aid

Live Below The Line

07 May 2014 - Christian Aid chair, Rowan Williams has Lived Below the Line for Christian Aid’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Christian Aid Week (11th to 17th May). He urges others to follow him by spending just £1 a day for five days on all food and drink. The money raised by sponsoring participants will help to eradicate extreme poverty globally.

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Archbishop Justin Welby backs Christian Aid Week to help people face a future without fear

Iraq, refugee

01 May 2014 - This year’s Christian Aid Week (11-17 May 2014 www.caweek.org), Britain’s longest running door-to door fundraising week, is asking the British public to support communities in war-ravaged countries to rebuild their lives and live a life free from fear.

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Christian Aid welcomes Prime Minister's call for greater transparency

25 April 2014 - David Cameron has today written to the UK’s tax havens about the importance of them knowing and revealing more about who really owns the hundreds of thousands of companies they host, in a move warmly welcomed by Christian Aid.

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Christian Aid welcomes latest move against phantom firms - and urges UK to go further

21 April 2014 - The latest Government plans for a public register of who owns millions of UK companies are welcomed by Christian Aid today as a significant step towards ending the menace of phantom firms used by criminals.

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Churches call for warring factions to resolve conflict as South Sudan stands on brink of a humanitarian disaster

17 April 2014 - Leading church leaders in South Sudan have called for greater urgency regarding delayed peace negotiations in Addis Ababa, as faith-based humanitarian agencies warn of an impending food crisis.

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Tax breaks for multinationals outstrip spending on schools and clinics in Sierra Leone

15 April 2014 - A new report highlights the huge amount of revenue that one of the poorest countries in Africa loses each year through tax breaks for multinationals.

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Christian Aid: Time to get serious about climate change

13 April 2014 - Christian Aid is urging the British government to heed the warnings of Sunday's report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and prove its credentials of being the ‘Greenest Government Ever’.

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DFID to announce support for Start Network in World Bank spring meetings

11 April 2014 - Today International Development Secretary Justine Greening will announce the UK Department for International Development (DFID) support for two key Start Network programmes: the Start Fund and Start Build.

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Christian Aid urges UN to step up protection of 980,000 civilians in Central African Republic

10 April 2014 - Following today’s United Nation’s Security Council resolution to send 11,800 blue helmet peacekeepers to the Central African Republic (CAR), Christian Aid stresses the urgent need to disarm warring factions and scale up protection for the 980,000 civilians displaced so far by violence.

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New Christian Aid report shows human cost of climate change

27 March 2014 - Christian Aid today publishes a new report showing the devastating effects of climate change, with communities worldwide, particularly in worst hit poorer countries, being forced to change their way of life.

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Christian Aid welcomes global commitment to address gender inequality

24 March 2014 - Christian Aid welcomes the UN Women's Commission on the Status of Women's (CSW) clear, unequivocal support for a standalone goal to address gender inequality within the post-2015 agenda.

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Cameron fails to put climate ambition on the EU agenda

21 March 2014 - David Cameron has failed to back up his words on climate change with actions after the EU opted to put off a decision on its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions targets until October.

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Speaking truth to power- Christian Aid launches 'Prophetic Church' resource

20 March 2014 - Christian Aid has published a new resource designed to empower and inspire Christian leaders and their churches to engage in campaigning for the global poor.

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DRC: Christian Aid responds to critical humanitarian situation in Katanga's 'triangle of death'

13 March 2014 - Christian Aid today warned the situation in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) province of Katanga is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis as fighting between government troops and Mai Mai and Bakata Katanga rebels has displaced more than 400,000 people, according to UN officials.

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Christian Aid calls for global action against gender inequality

10 March 2014 - World leaders must take action against gender inequality if they are serious about eradicating global poverty, says Christian Aid.

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South Sudan at risk as famine as violence continues and rainy season approaches

7 March 2014 - An estimated seven million South Sudanese are at risk of severe food insecurity this year, with the UN Security Council now warning that the deteriorating humanitarian situation and continuing violence could result in famine at the beginning of 2015.

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Proposed EU law will not keep conflict resources out of Europe, campaigners warn

6 March 2014 - A law proposed by the European Commission on responsible sourcing of minerals is not strong enough to prevent European companies’ mineral purchases from financing conflict or human rights abuses, and falls far short of expectations, campaigners said today.

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In Kony's Shadow: new London exhibition explores LRA survivor stories

Former child soldier Norman Okello

04 March 2014 - A powerful new multimedia exhibition, In Kony’s Shadow, commissioned by Christian Aid, will open at gallery@oxo on London’s Southbank from 5-16 March 2014 featuring work by photographer Will Storr and filmmaker Tom Pietrasik.

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Growth in Africa fails to curb soaring inequality, says new report

24 February 2014 - Unprecedented economic growth in a number of African countries is going hand in hand with soaring inequality, which national tax systems are failing to address, according to a new report.

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Welcome for new EU move against tax evasion, money laundering & corruption

20 February 2014 - The UK Government should throw its full weight behind a major crime-fighting initiative which today won the backing of the European Parliament, says Christian Aid.

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UK in danger of breaking promise to help poor countries collect tax billions

13 February 2014 - The UK is in danger of breaking its promises to ensure that poor countries benefit from the international crackdown on tax evasion, Christian Aid warns today.

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Christian Aid welcomes Church of England's stance on climate change

12 February 2014 - With rain and floods besetting parts of the country Christian Aid has welcomed the decision taken by the Church of England's General Synod to strengthen further its position on climate change and create a Working Group on the Environment.

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Christian Aid responds to humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic

11 February 2014 - A surge in the number of civilians fleeing to emergency camps in the war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) has prompted Christian Aid to provide £50,000 for clean wells, sanitation facilities and tents, before the rainy season makes conditions deteriorate further.

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Christian Aid marks International Child Soldiers Day with new multimedia exhibition

10 February 2014 - To mark the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers (12th Feb) Christian Aid has produced a powerful multimedia exhibition, In Kony’s Shadow, which uses film and photography to explore the stories of those who survived the terror of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda.

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Is UK Government lagging behind business leaders on transparency?

10 February 2014 - The UK government is lagging behind business leaders in its support for corporate transparency, a new survey suggests.

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Rowan Williams calls on government to heed warning over flawed Lobbying Bill

27 January 2014 - Christian Aid Chairman Dr Rowan Williams has called on the Government to heed the warnings of civil society groups from across the political spectrum and make changes to the Lobbying Bill which threatens to curtail the freedom of charities across the country.

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Christian Aid calls for end to secrecy over mining of Haiti's £12bn minerals

23 January 2014 - Concern is growing at the secrecy surrounding deals struck between Haitian government and US and Canadian mining companies over the country’s estimated £12bn gold, silver and copper deposits.

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New floods hinder recovery in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan

23 January 2014 - Massive flooding in the Philippines is hindering the efforts of of people to rebuild their lives in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, says Christian Aid.

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Christian Aid urges EC not to turn its back on climate victims

22 January 2014 - Christian Aid today urged the UK Government not to neglect the victims of climate change in the Philippines and elsewhere after the European Commission recommended weak emissions targets for 2030.

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Christian Aid calls for inclusive Syria peace talks

21 January 2014 - Christian Aid welcomes the international peace conference in Geneva while warning that only an inclusive political settlement will end the violence and enable the people of Syria to rebuild their lives.

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Sir Christopher Chataway – A refugee champion as well as a sporting hero

20 January 2014 - Christian Aid today paid tribute to Sir Christopher Chataway, who has died aged 82, as a ‘good friend’ who championed refugees, campaigning tirelessly for their rights.

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Lords vote on Lobbying Bill hugely important, says Christian Aid

15 January 2014 - Tonight's House of Lords vote to overturn one of the major remaining problems in the Lobbying Bill is hugely important but further improvements remain vital, according to Christian Aid.

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British agencies call on goverments around the world to scale up Syrian response at Kuwait conference

14 January 2014 - British aid agencies are warning that governments must urgently scale up their response to the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, ahead of the second Kuwait Donor Conference on Wednesday.

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Lobbying Bill still needs important changes, says Christian Aid

9 January 2014 - Commenting on the Government’s latest proposed amendments to the Lobbying Bill, which were sent to members of the House of Lords last night ahead of their Report Stage debate on the Bill next week, Christian Aid’s Senior UK Political Adviser Barry Johnston said further changes were still needed.

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New Year’s Honours for two Christian Aid stalwarts

31 December 2013 - Christian Aid today welcomes New Year’s Honour awards for two people who have been closely involved in its activities.

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Christian Aid’s Philippines typhoon appeal tops £2 million

20 December 2013 - Donations to Christian Aid’s Typhoon appeal, launched only six weeks ago to help survivors of one of the worst storms in history, have topped £2.2 million.

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South Sudan: Christian Aid concerned over escalating human rights violations

20 December 2013 - Christian Aid is deeply concerned about reports of escalating human rights abuses and violence across South Sudan, particularly in the capital city of Juba in Central Equatoria and Jonglei state in the remote east of the country.

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More action needed on corporate tax dodging, campaigners urge EU leaders

16 December 2013 - European leaders should use a meeting of the European Council this week to agree further action against tax dodging by multinationals, campaigners urge in a new report.

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Nelson Mandela ‘a man of magnanimity and moral courage’

Nelson Mandela

5 December 2013 - Christian Aid today paid tribute to the ‘magnanimity and moral courage’ of South Africa’s first freely elected President, Nelson Mandela, who has died.

Nelson Mandela

Philippines debt must be cancelled to support typhoon recovery work

5 December 2013 - The enormous financial burden the Philippines labours under in servicing international debt while struggling to recover from Typhoon Haiyan and prepare for future emergencies must be lifted, said Christian Aid today.

Philippines debt

New Present Aid Christmas gifts - treat loved ones and help those in need

Present Aid ethical gifts - antibiotics

28 November 2013 - Present Aid (www.presentaid.org), Christian Aid’s virtual gift shop, has launched 22 new ethical gifts for Christmas 2013 with presents and prices to suit everyone; from stocking fillers and secret Santa ideas, to larger gifts that can be given as a group.

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Top Colombian journalist tells her story of sexual violence in Colombia’s armed conflict

27 November 2013 - Jineth Bedoya Lima, a Colombian journalist carrying out exceptional investigative work reporting on armed conflict, drug trafficking, organised crime and issues around women and violence, is in the UK to launch a new report about the systematic use of sexual violence in Colombia’s armed conflict.

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Secret company ownership aids corruption, says former UN chief

26 November 2013 - Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged governments to take a stand against corruption by following the UK’s lead in establishing public registries showing the true owners of companies registered within their jurisdiction.

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Moment of truth for Britain’s tax havens as they attempt to shake off their shameful status

26 November 2013 - Britain’s Overseas Territories should use a joint ministerial summit, starting in London today, as a golden opportunity to commit to exposing the true owners of more than half a million shell companies set up on their shores, some of which are providing cover for tax dodgers trying to disguise their profits, as well as money launderers and even people financing terrorism.

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Campaigners give onshore and offshore secrecy jurisdictions the red light

25 November 2013 - Some of the world’s most infamous secrecy jurisdictions, such as the British Virgin Islands and Jersey are considering becoming more transparent, whereas several G8 countries lag behind, said campaigners today.

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Moderate progress at climate talks on loss and damage but countries playing dirty, says Christian Aid

23 November 2013 - At the close of this year’s UN climate summit, Christian Aid's Senior Climate Change Adviser, Mohamed Adow, acknowledged some moderate progress had been made to help poor countries suffering from the effects of climate change, but warned that greater ambition is needed to tackle negotiations in 2014.

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Christian Aid welcomes UK move to scrap overseas coal funding

20 November 2013 - Christian Aid's Senior Climate Adviser, Alison Doig, responds to the announcement by UK minister Ed Davey at the UN climate summit in Warsaw that Britain will not fund coal powered plants in other countries.

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New crackdown on tax evasion must involve poor countries

20 November 2013 - The latest international clampdown on tax evasion must involve both rich and poor countries if it is to stop criminals hiding billions from the taxman, campaigners say today.

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Christian Aid calls for urgent climate finance to unlock talks

20 November 2013 - As finance ministers from around the world arrive at the UN climate summit in Poland, Christian Aid has called on them to unlock the talks with firm commitments on climate finance.

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Christian Aid to spearheard £1.2m maternal and child health project in rural Kenya

20 November 2013 - With funding from the European Union, Christian Aid is launching a £1.2 million (Ksh170 million) maternal and child health project in Narok County, south-western Kenya, where just one in five mothers have access to a skilled midwife during childbirth.

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Christian Aid invites Britons to fast in solidarity with people of the Philippines

19 November 2013 - Christian Aid is inviting its supporters and others moved by the plight of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan to fast for a day tomorrow (Wednesday), in solidarity with the leader of the Philippines delegation to the UN climate talks who has gone without food for more than a week.

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Christian Aid slams 'perverse' Polish coal summit

18 November 2013 - Christian Aid has today condemned the hosting of a meeting of coal producers during the UN climate summit in Warsaw, Poland.

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Japan ‘will be a byword for bad faith’ after it breaks climate promises

15 November 2013 - Mohamed Adow, senior climate change adviser at Christian Aid, responds to decisions by Japan and Australia to renege on their promises to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Aid agencies rise to the challenge as impact of Philippines typhoon is revealed

14 November 2013 - The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a group of 14 UK aid organisations has today said that life saving aid is on the move in the Philippines, despite huge obstacles to reaching survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Water, food and emergency shelter remain the top priority.

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UK has moral responsibility to influence FTSE companies’ conduct worldwide

13 November 2013 - The UK should require the mining, oil and gas companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to reveal more about their finances across the world, Christian Aid has told MPs who are investigating the country’s extractives industries.

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Demise of M23 is no ‘quick fix’ for stability in the DRC and Great Lakes, Christian Aid warns

12 November 2013 - The announcement by the M23 leadership that it is to abandon its rebellion and continue as a political movement will not provide a ‘quick fix’ solution to instability in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says Christian Aid. Last night the DRC Government and the M23 rebels were expected to sign a peace deal, but the talks in Kampala broke down and have been delayed indefinitely.

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Christian Aid fears heavy rains will hinder Philippines recovery from Typhoon Haiyan

11 November 2013 - Further heavy rains forecast for the southern Philippines over the next 48 hours could seriously affect the progress of the huge emergency response in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, says Christian Aid.

Philippines storm

Christian Aid urges developed countries to help ‘climate captives’ at UN summit

10 November 2013 - A new report by Christian Aid has called on representatives at the UN climate summit in Warsaw to put the issue of equity at the heart of discussions on creating a global deal to tackle climate change.

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Christian Aid launches Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

8 November 2013 - Christian Aid has launched an appeal to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, thought to be the strongest storm in recorded history. It is particularly concerned that some of the poorest communities in the islands seem to have been worst hit.

Typhoon Haiyan

Lives at risk as Syrian refugees face harshest winter in years

7 November 2013 - As the region faces a bitter winter, Christian Aid warns that the lives of Syrian refugees will be at risk due to inadequate shelter.

Winter for Syrian refugees

Welcome for Government concessions on Lobbying Bill but grave concerns remain

6 November 2013 - Christian Aid today welcomes the limited concessions which the Government has made to its Lobbying Bill, which it says risks harming legitimate campaigning for good causes in the UK.

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Aid sector missing opportunity to help people hit by disaster, says new report

4 November 2013 - International organisations which help people recover from disasters such as floods, famines and earthquakes are missing opportunities to achieve more, according to a new report commissioned by ActionAid, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam and Tearfund.

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Christian Aid concerned by reports of amnesty for former Guatemalan dictator

1 November 2013 - In the last few days, press reports emerging from Guatemala have claimed that Guatemala’s Constitutional Court has decided to 'open the door' to a general amnesty that could see Efrain Rios Montt, former military leader and former president of Guatemala, avoid prosecution for war crimes.

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Rowan Williams heralds ‘brave decision’ to reveal who really owns UK companies

31 October 2013 - The UK Government’s decision to create a new, public register of who owns some 2.5 million companies is a welcome breakthrough in the global fight against tax evasion, corruption and other financial crime, says Christian Aid.

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Lords vote leaves continued confusion for clean energy investors

29 October 2013 - Dr Alison Doig of Christian Aid comments on last night’s House of Lords vote, in which peers narrowly rejected a proposal for the UK to have decarbonised its power stations by 2030.

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Monsoon floods in Cambodia claim 168 lives and displace over 100,000

Cambodia floods

25 October 2013 - A month of monsoon rains and flash floods in Cambodia have claimed 168 lives and left over a hundred thousand people homeless across 20 of the country’s 24 provinces, including parts of the capital, Phnom Penh.

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Cyclone Phailin left as many people homeless as Hurricane Katrina

24 October 2013 - Cyclone Phailin, which hit the east coast of India last week, has left more than one million people homeless, causing destruction on the scale of Hurricane Katrina, says Christian Aid.

Cyclone Phailin

Humanitarian need is huge in Cyclone Phailin aftermath, says Christian Aid

15 October 2013 - Despite a successful evacuation effort that avoided the high death toll which resulted from a 1999 super cyclone, there is still massive humanitarian need in the Indian states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, says Christian Aid.

Cyclone Phailin humanitarian need

Christian Aid launches appeal to support people affected by Cyclone Phailin

12 October 2013 - Christian Aid has launched the India Cyclone Appeal in response to Cyclone Phailin, reported to be almost half the size of India, which hit the east coastal states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh this afternoon.

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Christian Aid angered as El Salvador Church closes human rights office

Protest against human rights office closure

11 October 2013 - The Roman Catholic Church in El Salvador last week closed its human rights and legal aid office without notice, putting thousands of human rights abuse victims at risk of never obtaining justice.

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Making tax justice a part of worship – new church resources launched

Reverend Jacob Wandusim, Ghana

10 October 2013 - Tax and financial secrecy may not immediately spring to mind when people think about church worship but Christian Aid is launching a series of resources to help Christians engage with the subject of tax justice.

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Christian Aid slams Durban violence

9 October 2013 - The on-going brutality by Durban city officials against residents of the densely populated Cato Crest informal settlement has been strongly condemned by Christian Aid local partner organisation, the Church Land Programme (CLP).

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Christian Aid sends funds to help survivors of two earthquakes in a week

Destroyed homes in Awaran District, Balochistan

30 September 2013 - Christian Aid is sending funds to relief organisation and partner Muslim Hands to deliver food, medical kits and tents to survivors of the two earthquakes to hit Pakistan’s south west region in the past week.

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IPCC report a stark warning of the need for global climate action

27 September 2013 - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released today is a stark warning of the need for urgent global action to avert devastating global warming, said Christian Aid today.

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Major breakthroughs in talks on new global development goals, says Christian Aid

25 September 2013 - Governments have made several major breakthroughs in talks about what should replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2016 – although there are still challenges ahead, says Christian Aid.

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Climate change already happening - world must heed new IPCC climate warnings says Christian Aid

23 September 2013 - Christian Aid is urging governments to heed the warnings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which publishes its new report on the state of the world’s climate on Friday (27th) September.

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Christian Aid produce spoof film to engage church youth

23 September 2013 - A new film and spoof campaign, Leftovers For Africa, produced by the Christian Aid Collective to raise awareness of poverty and hunger, has launched today.

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New EU law could help stop natural resource trade fuelling conflict

16 September 2013 - A coalition of 59 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is calling on the European Commission to pass a strong law to prevent European businesses fuelling conflict and human rights abuses through their purchases of natural resources, such as tin, gold and diamonds. The call comes ahead of draft legislation due to be published by the Commission by the end of 2013.

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International NGOs and legal firms highlight irregularities in controversial Colombian murder case

13 September 2013 - A joint statement by lawyers and international non-governmental organisations highlighting irregularities in the trial of human rights campaigner David Ravelo has been issued today to mark the third anniversary of his arrest.

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Give us a voice over new development goals, say people living in poverty

12 September 2013 - Decisions on a new global plan for ending poverty and protecting the environment must be informed by the voices of poor people, Christian Aid Chair Rowan Williams says in a new report today.

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Christian Aid remains deeply concerned at Lobbying Bill

September 7 2013 - Christian Aid remains deeply concerned that despite claims that concessions will be made, the proposed Lobbying Bill could still place huge and complex demands on charities if they are not to fall foul of the law at election time.

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Crisis looms as erratic weather and crop failure put 2.2 million Zimbabweans at risk of chronic hunger

6 September 2013 - Erratic rains and unusual mid-season droughts over the past year have triggered critical levels of crop failure in Zimbabwe, leaving more than two million people in need of urgent food assistance in the coming lean months, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).

Crop failure

G20 makes good progress on tax but only for rich countries, says Christian Aid

6 September 2013 - G20 leaders’ decisions on tax and financial transparency are welcome but they do little or nothing for poor countries, which currently lose some $160 billion a year to tax dodging by multinationals, says Christian Aid.

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Use your power to find a political solution for Syria, Christian Aid urges G20 leaders

4 September 2013 - With Syria high on the G20’s agenda in St Petersburg this week, Christian Aid is urging that member states work towards a political resolution to the conflict.

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Thousands lose livelihoods as Philippines floods cause more than £7 million crop damage

2 September 2013 - Christian Aid has released emergency funds to local partner organisations to provide essential food and basic household items such as sleeping mats, blankets, and buckets for vulnerable families affected by recent floods in the aftermath of Typhoons Utor and Trami and severe monsoon rains.

Philippines floods

Will Aid celebrates 25th anniversary

2 September 2013 - This November Will Aid, the UK’s most successful charity will-writing scheme, celebrates its 25th anniversary, having raised over £100 million for a range of good causes both in the UK and overseas.

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G20 leaders will need great political courage to win fight against tax dodging

31 August 2013 - G20 governments will need to find great political courage if they are to curb multinationals’ multi-billion tax dodging, campaigners warn today.

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Escalating military conflict in Syria: civilians will pay the price

29 August 2013 - As the international community considers its response to the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria, Christian Aid is warning of the humanitarian consequences of escalating military action in Syria. The charity continues to call for a political solution.

Syria crisis

Public urge crackdown on company secrecy offered by UK and its tax havens

26 August 2013 - The majority of Britons (57%) believe that company owners should not be allowed to keep their identities secret, with most (57%) saying they are suspicious of the owners’ motives where that is the case.

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Flooding fears in Pakistan

Pakistan floods

14 August 2013 - With torrential monsoon rains and flash floods claiming at least 80 lives and displacing more than 80,000 people in Pakistan in recent days, Christian Aid has sent funds to provide emergency food for worst-hit communities.

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Myanmar floods displace thousands

9 August 2013 - Christian Aid has sent funds to provide assistance to communities affected by heavy rain and severe flooding which has devastated south east Myanmar since late July, leaving three dead and forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes.

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Chemical-spraying of indigenous people’s land threatens children’s futures

Indigenous Peoples Day

9 August 2013 - An indigenous community in Northwest Colombia, subjected to controversial aerial-spraying of coca crops, is demanding that the government respect their rights, land and their lives.

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Escalating DRC conflict pushes humanitarian situation to crisis levels

2 August 2013 - Despite intermittent peace talks in neighbouring Uganda, the conflict between the DRC national army (FARDC) and the M23 rebel group continues on the ground in eastern DRC.

DRC conflict

Mali elections spark fears of more violence

26 July 2013 - With Mali about to go to the polls in the first round of Presidential elections, Christian Aid urges all parties involved in the process to work towards ensuring the ballot passes peacefully.

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Sierra Leone land grabs increase poverty and food shortages, says new report

26 July 2013 - The rush for farmland by foreign investors engaged in industrial-scale plantation agriculture in Sierra Leone has increased poverty and food shortages among communities who have lost their access to land, new research shows.

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Zimbabwean Church leaders urge world to pray for peaceful elections

24 July 2013 - Church leaders in Zimbabwe have asked Christians around the world to pray for their country, and called for there to be no violence ahead of elections taking place on July 31.

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Christian Aid fears hunger in floods aftermath

19 July 2013 - Christian Aid fears acute hunger will hit communities devastated by floods in Uttarakhand, northern India which killed at least 6,000 people, and destroyed food supplies and livelihoods.

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OECD Action Plan on tax dodging is step forward but fails developing countries

19 July 2013 - The new OECD Action Plan against multinationals’ tax dodging is a step forward but fails developing countries, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, Christian Aid and Oxfam warn today.

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UK government should lead by example over rights of domestic workers

15 July 2013 - Christian Aid welcomes a new UK aid funded programme to tackle the exploitation of domestic workers in South Asia and the Middle East, and says the UK government should back its commitment by supporting an international convention aimed at tackling that exploitation.

Domestic workers

Spending review: protection of aid is right - and should be enshrined in law

26 June 2013 - Barry Johnston, Senior UK Political Advisor at Christian Aid, comments on the spending review announced by the UK Chancellor George Osborne today.

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Christian Aid launches India floods appeal

26 June 2013 - Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal to provide assistance to communities and pilgrims affected by flash floods and landslides in northern India.

India floods

Holding aid agencies to account improves value for money

18 June 2013 - Opportunities for local people to hold NGOs to account for their actions have improved in recent years, but there has been little evidence to suggest that they can actually influence the quality and results of aid itself - until now.

Improving Impact

Clamp down on UK-linked tax havens key to success of G8

14 June 2013 - UK-linked tax havens are at the centre of a global financial system that encourages crime, corruption and aggressive tax avoidance in developing countries, reveals a new report by Christian Aid as part of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign.

UK-linked tax havens

MPs rejection of decarbonisation target 'deeply disappointing'

4 June 2013 - Today’s vote by MPs against setting a decarbonisation target in the Energy Bill is ‘deeply disappointing and a missed opportunity’ said Christian Aid.

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High Level Panel: a good start, but increasing inequality can’t be ignored

30 May 2013 - Helen Dennis, Christian Aid’s Senior Adviser on Poverty and Inequality, responds to news of today’s High Level Panel report on the global plan that should follow the Millennium Development Goals when they expire in 2015.

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UK-linked tax havens must now join countries refusing to hide dirty money

29 May 2013 - Tax evaders will have fewer places to hide their money after nine countries, including tax havens Singapore and Luxembourg, today signed a treaty agreeing to share information about financial account holders.

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Northern security vacuum deepens plight of Malians at onset of hunger season

28 May 2013 - Mali faces a heightened risk of severe food shortages at the onset of the annual ‘hunger season’, with on-going conflict and its aftermath exacerbating the situation.

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Seventy six-year-old Methodist cycles 600 miles to combat poverty

Colin Brannen on his bike Etmb

28 May 2013 - Former RE teacher Colin Brannen is cycling from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to London – and back – to join thousands of fellow supporters of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign in Hyde Park on Saturday June 8.

Big IF London rally

DECC carbon target a step in the right direction, but answers needed

26 May 2013 - Christian Aid welcomes news that the Government is to pursue an ambitious EU carbon capping target, but says a refusal to commit further to renewable energy raises doubts as to how the target can be achieved.

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EU on verge of ‘historic breakthrough’ for tax justice

24 May 2013 - An EU decision, reported late yesterday, that European multinationals will be required to report the profits made and taxes paid in every country where they operate, would, if enshrined in law, be an ‘historic breakthrough’ in battling tax evasion, Christian Aid said today.

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Thousands forego food to urge G8 to take action on global hunger

22 May 2013 - Thousands of people around the UK – including at least three bishops – are getting ready to go without food to show world leaders their commitment to ending global hunger.

Big IF fast

Christian Aid’s web-doc ‘Big River Rising’ nominated for a Green Award at the Sheffield Doc Festival

Sheffield Film Festival Green Award Etmb

21 May 2013 - The internationally acclaimed Sheffield Doc Festival has nominated Big River Rising, an interactive documentary produced by international development agency Christian Aid, for a Green Award, its category to honour documentaries addressing major environmental challenges.

Green Award

Christian Aid releases £100,000 to help communities affected by Cyclone Mahasen

17 May 2013 - Christian Aid is releasing £100,000 emergency funds to partner organisations in Bangladesh to help them distribute food and provide emergency assistance to vulnerable communities hit by Cyclone Mahasen. Nearly 1.3 million people have been affected, 128,000 homes destroyed and 14 people are dead after heavy rain and cyclone-strength rains hit low-lying coastal regions of Bangladesh on Thursday evening.

Cyclone Mahasen

How tax dodging feeds world hunger

14 May 2013 - The scandal of world hunger could soon be ended if the revenues that developing countries lose through tax dodging were available to them to invest in agricultural development, says a new report from Christian Aid.

Tax injustice

Vicar with vertigo set to sky dive for Christian Aid

9 May 2013 - People across the UK will be raising funds for Christian Aid Week (May 12-18) in all kinds of ways – but none will go to the same heights as the Revd Mike Haslam.

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Failure to legislate on aid a ‘broken promise’

8 May 2013 - Christian Aid’s senior UK political adviser Sol Oyuela said today: ‘Failing to enshrine in law the principle that 0.7 per cent of GNI should go on overseas aid is a broken promise.

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Fight tax abuse, don’t raid the aid budget, urges Christian Aid

6 May 2013 - The UK Government should concentrate on helping stop the damage caused by tax abuse in developing countries rather than raiding the aid budget, Christian Aid said today.

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Christian Aid calls for ‘equity review’ to drive global climate deal

3 May 2013 - Christian Aid is calling for countries negotiating a new global climate change agreement to ensure that fairness towards poor countries with the least responsibility for carbon emissions is central to future negotiations. It wants an ‘equity review’ to determine the emission capping actions each country should take.

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Tipping Point - Bengal by Gerry Judah

2 May 2013 - Artist Gerry Judah has been commissioned by international development agency Christian Aid to produce a series of works for Tipping Point, a new exhibition about climate change in association with Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which runs from 11 May – 6 July 2013.

Tipping Point art exhibition

Rowan Williams begins new social justice role as Chair of Christian Aid

25 April 2013 - Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, becomes Chair of Christian Aid’s Board of Trustees on May 1 with a plea to Christians to become agents of social justice.

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Growing UK carbon footprint highlights need for global deal

24 April 2013 - The UK’s rise in CO2 emissions despite its efforts to be a world leader in tackling climate change highlights the need for an ambitious international deal to curb greenhouse gases, said Christian Aid today.

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UK government called on to help address sexual violence in Colombia

23 April 2013 - UK agencies warn that despite some advances made by the current Colombian government, significant human rights concerns persist. They are calling on the UK government to raise the issue of conflict-related sexual violence at a United Nations review in Geneva today of human rights in Colombia.

Sexual violence

Stop dodging difficult questions on climate, warns Christian Aid

15 April 2013 - World leaders should stop dodging difficult questions on climate change because doing so will only exacerbate the crisis, Christian Aid warns today at the opening of a conference linking climate, hunger and nutrition in Dublin, Ireland.

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EU anti-corruption law welcome but UK must answer ‘difficult’ tax questions

10 April 2013 - Christian Aid gives two cheers today for European moves to tackle corruption by forcing some large companies to come clean about their payments to governments around the world. However, the charity says the UK Government’s failure to push for stronger EU rules means the upcoming G8 will be an acid test of the commitment to tax transparency.

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Christian Aid backs faith leaders’ call for action on global poverty

5 April 2013 - Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and religious leaders from across the G8 countries have called on Heads of Government to follow the UK in fulfilling existing commitments to spend 0.7% of national income on aid, in a letter to the Financial Times.

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Reforming Pakistani tax system vital – but aid increase to poor should not be at risk

4 April 2013 - MPs are right to say that the UK should strongly encourage Pakistan to raise its disastrously low rate of tax collection – but Christian Aid is concerned by the suggestion that any increase in UK aid be conditional on the country improving its tax system. Rather, UK aid should be used to help with such reform.

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Christian Aid Week bites back at hunger

2 April 2013 - Christian Aid Week (12-18 May 2013 www.caweek.org), Britain’s longest running door-to-door fundraising week, will this year be urging the British public to ‘bite back at hunger’ and ask why, in a world where there is enough food for everyone, 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night?

Christian Aid Week

Syria's “double refugees” face overcrowding and hardship in Lebanon

2 April 2013 - DEC reaches needs of Palestinian refugees, who risk missing out on vital help. Palestinians who have fled the violence in Syria are facing overcrowding, poor shelter and hardship in Lebanon, aid agencies from the UK's Disasters Emergency Committee said today.

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It’s time to make multinationals pay their fair share of tax, campaigners urge

27 March 2013 - The international system for taxing multinationals is broken and out of date, with many loopholes which allow unscrupulous companies to avoid paying their fair share - as the recent Google, Amazon and Starbucks scandals have shown. So say 58 campaigning organisations today, in a response to the OECD’s February report Addressing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting.

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David Cameron urged to put tax at heart of new plan to tackle global poverty

25 March 2013 - David Cameron and other leaders working on a global anti-poverty plan should ensure it helps poor countries collect the tax billions they are owed, Christian Aid urges today, on the eve of new talks on the plan in Bali, Indonesia.

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The PM can’t afford to ignore environmental risks in setting the post-2015 development framework

22 March 2013 - Next week, the High-level Panel on the post-2015 development agenda meets for the fourth time. Disappointed that David Cameron, one of the co-chairs, will not be attending this meeting, a coalition of the UK’s leading environment and development groups – Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB, WWF and Green Alliance – has warned that the post-2015 framework won’t be fit for purpose if the environmental challenges faced by developing nations are ignored.

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Budget: Historic achievement on aid but missed opportunity on tax dodging

20 March 2013 - Responding to the Chancellor’s Budget today, Christian Aid Director Loretta Minghella said: ‘Today, a 40 year-old promise to the world’s poorest was finally delivered. We congratulate the Government for ensuring that - even in challenging economic times – this country has done the right thing by the hundreds of millions of women and men around the world living in poverty.

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DEC announces Syria Crisis Appeal

20 March 2013 - The Disasters Emergency Committee has today announced that it will launch an appeal tomorrow for people affected by the conflict in Syria. The announcement follows a dramatic deterioration in the humanitarian situation since the beginning of the year.

Syria Crisis Appeal

Christian Aid internship open for applications

15 March 2013 - Christian Aid is looking for people who are passionate about global justice to apply for its 2013/14 internship programme online by 2 April 2013 at www.christianaidcollective.org/how-apply.

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84-year-old twins set for 8000 foot sky dive to raise money for Christian Aid

March 7 2013 - A set of 84-year-old twins are teaming up for a charity skydive to raise money for Christian Aid. Pensioners Frank and Ralph Land will be jumping out of a plane at 8000 feet on April 1st - April Fool’s Day - to raise money for some of the world’s poorest people.

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Christian Aid applauds Justine Greening's speech on girls and women

4 March 2013 - 'Christian Aid warmly welcomes Justine Greening's focus to help women and girls have greater choice, voice and control in their lives. This Friday the world marks International Women's Day and today activists, academics, officials and ministers gather in New York for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).'

International Women's Day

Christian Aid welcomes Government's steps on aid to Rwanda

March 1 2013 - In response to Justine Greening’s decision today to re-programme £16m aid to Rwanda, Christian Aid welcomes the fact the UK aid will once again be reaching the poorest and most vulnerable in Rwanda. It is also pleased that DFID has recognised that Rwanda has breached the principles that guide the UK-Rwanda long-term partnership.

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One in three are voting with their wallet following tax revelations

March 1 2013 - Millions of Britons are using consumer power to boycott companies seen to be avoiding their fair share of UK tax, new research reveals.

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UK must not block major bank reform

Thursday 28 February - European Parliament moves to force banks to reveal more about their finances are a huge step towards getting companies to pay their taxes – although the new rules should be extended to other industries, Christian Aid says today.

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Leading Congolese and international NGOs welcome Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework but call for further action

February 24 2013 - A group of prominent Congolese and international NGOs today called on countries in the Great Lakes region, along with their international partners, to ensure that the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework Agreement signed in Addis Ababa is given the political backing necessary to bring an end to war in the eastern Congo.

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Help combat tax avoidance across the world, Christian Aid urges UK Government

February 19 2013 - Commenting before the publication of the Public Accounts Committee’s new report on tax avoidance in the UK, Alex Prats, Christian Aid’s Principal Adviser on Economic Justice, said: ‘Tax avoidance is a major problem across the world and it’s especially devastating for developing countries, which lose billions every year as a result of tax avoidance by multinationals.

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Christian Aid urges UK government to continue backing UN peace and security deal for DRC

February 18 2013 - Christian Aid is urging the UK Government to further support the signing and implementation of the United Nations recently proposed DRC and Great Lakes peace and security deal, which was inexplicably stalled at an African Union Summit meeting in Addis on January 28th.

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New statement to the G8 from Christian Aid's economic policy advisor

February 16 2013 - Joseph Stead, Christian Aid senior economic policy adviser said today: ‘The G20 must address as an absolute priority the impact of tax dodging in the developing world'.

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Christian Aid launches new 'Count Your Blessings' mobile app for Lent

February 11 2013 - With Lent beginning on Wednesday February 13, Christian Aid has launched a brand new mobile app to help people pause and think about their lives and those of others around the world.

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Humanitarian groups: International community is 'failing the people of Syria'

January 29 2013 - On the eve of a key meeting of donor counties, a coalition of six international humanitarian agencies has warned that the UN’s record $1.5 billion Syria humanitarian appeal remains only 3% funded, and some of the world’s richest countries have failed to provide sufficient support.

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Christian Aid condems shooting of Brazilian landless rights leader

January 28 2013 - Christian Aid has condemned the fatal shooting of Brazilian landless rights leader Cicero Guedes on Saturday. Mr Guedes, 54, a sugar cane cutter, was the leader of the landless people’s movement (MST) and was killed while returning home from a meeting on his bicycle.

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Monsoon and Christian Aid help revive the silk industry in Afghanistan

January 28 2013 - An exciting new partnership between high street retailer Monsoon and development agency Christian Aid, which will help revive the two thousand-year-old tradition of silk production in Afghanistan, was announced today. The two-year project aims to lift 1,500 women and their families out of extreme poverty and potentially lead to international market access for silk producers in the country.

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Escalating violence in northern Mali is fuelling hunger in the Sahel

January 25 2013 - The recent escalation of fighting and the subsequent displacement of people within Mali and to neighbouring countries is exacerbating the Sahel’s chronic food crisis and contributing to ever-rising levels of malnutrition, warns Yacouba Kone, Christian Aid’s Mali country director.

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Christian Aid Collective invites young people to share a meal and discuss issues of faith and injustice

January 18 2013 - The Christian Aid Collective is to host a series of meals around the country, where young Christians can share food and discuss what they can do together to end global poverty.

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Christian Aid and Institute of Fundraising develop one hundred new fundraisers

January 7 2013 - In a drive to inspire generous giving and ensure a positive future, Christian Aid has invested in some specially tailored training for over one hundred of its regional and headquarters staff. Working with the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), the charity developed a three day classroom-based course which, taken with a short online IoF course, leads to staff being awarded the IoF’s Introduction to Fundraising Certificate.

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