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Global accountability report

Christian Aid has been named top non-governmental performer in the second annual Global Accountability Report produced by the One World Trust.

The report, launched on 4 December 2007, ranks 30 of the world’s most powerful corporate, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on accountability.

Christian Aid not only finished ahead of other British NGOs, with a score of 81%, but exposed the lack of accountability amongst some of the biggest corporate names including Google, Coca Cola, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited and General Electric who scored between 17 and 65%.

Intergovernmental organisations, such as the UN Development Programme and the World Food Programme, lead the pack followed closely by NGOs in the ranking of overall performance. However corporate businesses rank bottom of the three sectors.

The report measures organisations’ policies on transparency, participation, evaluation, and complaint and response procedures.

Daleep Mukarji, director of Christian Aid said: 'We welcome this independent external scrutiny and are delighted to be identified as a ‘top performer’ in the International NGO sector. 

'As an organisation which actively campaigns both in the UK and overseas, seeking to hold governments and big businesses to account for their actions, it is vital that we too are accountable to those we affect – poor communities, supporters, institutional donors, the public, our staff and overseas partners.

'This is core to our values and strategy. However there is no room for complacency, this is an encouraging starting point but to make the policies truly effective we need to sustain the commitment of individuals throughout the organisation.’

Using a unique Global Accountability Framework, developed by the One World Trust, the report is compiled using data collected from a variety of sources including publicly available information, documents provided by participants and interviews with key members of staff.  In addition stakeholders and independent experts on each organisation are engaged in the data collection and verification stages of the research.

'Without accountability, solutions to global challenges such as climate change, terrorism and poverty will fail.'

Each sector leads in one dimension; intergovernmental organisations excel in transparency and evaluation, NGOs on participation and corporates on complaint and response procedures.

Michael Hammer, executive director of the One World Trust, said: 'Accountability makes powerful organisations more effective and legitimate. Without it, solutions to global challenges such as climate change, terrorism and poverty will fail. 

The One World Trust will continue to raise global awareness of the need for greater transparency and challenge organisations to be more accountable to their shareholders, staff and beneficiaries.'

The 2007 Global Accountability report will also be released in Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Senegal, Singapore, Spain and the United States. 

For a full copy of the One World Global Accountability Report visit the One World Trust website.

For more press information contact Karen Hedges on 020 7523 2404 or email at khedges@christian-aid.org.


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