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Follow our regular blog posts on topics such as India's march for justice, Syria's forgotten refugees, and gender-based violence in Brazil. More blogs coming soon.

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Dear Syria Conference Delegates

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul

3 February 2016 - Christian Aid’s Head of Middle East Region Frances Guy appeals to world leaders and other delegates attending the 2016 Syria Donors Conference.

Supporting Syrians

South Sudan: Dealing with the past in order to face the future

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul

2 February 2016 - In Southern Unity State, South Sudan, everyone has a story of personal trauma. When the violence spread once more in May last year, people fled into the swamps for the second time since civil strife broke out in the world’s newest state in December 2013.

The Prospect of Peace?

Reshaping aid - making it a reality

17 January 2016 - The figures as revealed in the report submitted yesterday from the High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Funding to the UN Secretary-General make bleak reading.

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Eyewitness: Dread and Despair for Deportees on Haiti-Dominican Border

Bags of imported American rice in Haiti

12 October 2015 - Prospery Raymond, Christian Aid’s Manager in Haiti, meets Haitians being deported under the Dominican Republic’s controversial citizenship law.

Dread and Despair for Deportees

Without hope peace is a meaningless process

Five Syrian refugees in northern Iraq

15 October 2015 - Palestinians and Israelis are back in the media spotlight, reminding the world that innocent civilians are still being humiliated, maimed and killed on a routine basis. The recent spate of brutal stabbings represents another depressingly regular downturn in this dehumanising conflict which the world refuses to tackle with determination or honesty. We all must realise though that, after the tragic loss of life, hope is now the greatest casualty.

What hope for peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

Refugees Face Impossible Choices

Five Syrian refugees in northern Iraq

25 September 2015 - For those of us who have been following the humanitarian fallout of the conflict in Syria and in Iraq, the distressing images of men, women and children seeking refuge throughout Europe come as no surprise.

Impossible Choices

Spare A Thought For The Brave Syrians

Syrian refugees living in a camp near Esselame Border Gate struggle to survive in harsh winter conditions in the Syrian town of Azzaz, on the outskirts of Aleppo, 14 December 2013

18 September 2015 - Don’t forget those who cannot escape the war-torn country, says Frances Guy. The world is looking at the Syrians who have managed to escape Syria: people who have risked everything to cross a sea in a rickety boat to seek a safer life.

The Forgotten Syrians

Living with HIV: Ethiopia’s positive women

Ethiopian water project

6 August 2015 - Christian Aid’s Amanda Farrant reports on how a trip to Ethiopia gave her a glimpse into how mothers there are living positively, challenging HIV-related stigma, and helping women in their community to have HIV-free babies.

Changing lives

Lessons from a disaster zone

People walking through rubble-strewn streets

24 July 2015 - What can the international community learn about resilience from their experiences in Nepal?

The real work

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Members of the Jharol Block group of the Single Women's Association

24 July 2015 - Helen Dennis discusses the challenges of negotiating the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals which will succeed the MDGs and frame member states’ policies for the next 15 years.

The real work

Climate Change on the Frontline With Isis

Christian Aid's Ann Ward sits with an Iraqi woman

7 July 2015 - It was surprising to hear him speaking with such urgency about climate change when live conflict was just around the corner. But for Ibrahim the problem of global warming is a clear and present reality.

Isis and Climate

Gender equality will not come for free: women and girls deserve more than business as usual in Addis Ababa

Call for mandatory carbon reporting from UK firms

25 June 2015 - While a significant number of governments have championed gender equality and women’s empowerment in the negotiation on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), negotiations on financing struggle to reach agreement.

Empowering women and girls

Sustainable development must live up to its promise to leave no one behind

Samson in his maize field

26 June 2015 - When heads of state sign the new international agreement on global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this September, the document is likely to include a promise to ‘leave no one behind’.

Beyond 'business as ususal'

End transnationals' $212 billion tax dodge on poorest countries

Two children in their home

5 June 2015 - Coroprate tax dodging is costing developing countries $212 billion a year, writes Toby Quantrill, and promised action by the OECD has been a damp squib.

An alternative look

Colombia: A special day to mark the struggle of thousands against sexual violence in conflict

Juan Pedroso and daughter

25 May 2015 - After more than 50 years of conflict marked by widespread and systemic sexual violence, Colombia has established a national day to remember the appalling suffering experienced by so many women, whose plight has until now been largely ignored.

The struggle of thousands

The earthquake devastation in Nepal's remote villages

Nepal survivor

21 May 2015 - As Christian Aid emergency relief workers and our partner agencies walk high into the foothills of the Himalayas taking relief supplies to the more remote settlements, the true scale of the devastation caused by two earthquakes has hit them.

Earthquake devastation Nepal

Violence spreading like an oil slick in El Salvador

A mural featuring the late Oscar Romero

1 May 2015 - Last month (March 2015) was El Salvador’s most violent month for a decade. There were a total of 481 homicides; an average of 16 homicides a day in a country with a population fewer than 6 million.

Violence Spreading

Building a new Nepal: why the world must heed the lessons of Haiti

A group of people in the aftermath of the earthquake

06 May 2015 - Christian Aid’s country manager for Haiti, Prospery Raymond, says mistakes in post-earthquake efforts in his country show the need to prioritise healthcare and medicine, and consult local people.

Building a new Nepal

Making markets more inclusive: how enterprise can fight poverty

Bystanders look at a health worker in protective clothing in Bomi county, Liberia

12 May 2015 - When you ask women and men in poor communities for their views on the best escape route from poverty, the same responses crop up time and again: jobs, enterprise and economic opportunity.

Making markets more inclusive

Victims show the way to lasting peace in Colombia

A young girl holds a candle to commemorate her grandfather

6 May 2015 - Last month, Colombia’s largest network for victims of the conflict, travelled to Havana to participate in the latest series of peace talks between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

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Nepal earthquake: eyewitness account from UK student in Kathmandu

A group of people in the aftermath of the earthquake

26 April 2015 - Nicholas Roxburgh was in Kathmandu near the epicentre of the earthquake when disaster struck. Here, Nicholas describes his experiences of the earthquake and its aftermath.

Eyewitness account

Delivering impact beyond income

Cholera crisis

13 April 2015 - Clare Clifton, Inclusive Market Development Project Manager at Christian Aid, reflects on the role of business in the fight against poverty.

Impact beyond income

Colombia: the forgotten children of Las Pavas

Alirio Uribe

7 April 2015 - Paula Plaza, Communications Officer at Christian Aid, reports back on a recent trip to Colombia to meet families in conflict-affected communities.

The forgotten children

Ebola crisis: why tax breaks hurt health systems in Sierra Leone

Bystanders look at a health worker in protective clothing in Bomi county, Liberia

2 April 2015 - Last week marked the first anniversary of onset of the world's worst Ebola outbreak – a sobering milestone.

Why tax breaks hurt

Ebola crisis one year on - lest we forget

Bystanders look at a health worker in protective clothing in Bomi county, Liberia

25 March 2015 - This week marks a year since the World Health Organisation officially confirmed that an Ebola outbreak had begun in Guinea.

Lest we forget

Through Syrian Eyes

Living with disability in Lebanon

19 March 2015 - As the humanitarian crisis in Syria enters its fifth year, nearly four million people have fled to neighbouring countries, half of them children.

Through Syrian Eyes

Dominicans of Haitian descent forced to fight for citizenship

A woman holding mandarin oranges

17 March 2015 - Last month’s tragic lynching of a young Haitian man in the Dominican Republic has brought international attention to a national issue: ongoing discrimination and violence against Dominicans of Haitian descent..

Discrimination and violence

The miseries of the Yazidis six months on

Christian Aid's Ann Ward sits with an Iraqi woman

4 March 2015 - Frances Guy, Head of Middle East at Christian Aid, reports back from visiting displaced Yazidi communities in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Six months on

Ebola – the long road to recovery

Bystanders look at a health worker in protective clothing in Bomi county, Liberia

16 February 2015 - Trauma runs deep, says Christian Aid’s International Director Paul Valentin, who recently met survivors of the disease in Sierra Leone

Recovering from Ebola

Earthquake recovery five years on: let's put it in Haitian hands

Brown and bare forest in Haiti

12 January 2015 - In order to see Haiti thrive, the people of this country must be empowered to participate in decisions over their own development.

Earthquake recovery

Five years after the devastating earthquake, Haiti begins to rise from the ruins

Brown and bare forest in Haiti

12 January 2015 - Five years ago today I was sitting at my desk in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, having a Skype conversation with my colleague in Jamaica. It was a day like any other.

Haiti five years on

‘See you after the next war’

Child injured in the Gaza and Middle East crisis

19 December 2014 - Christian Aid Middle East Communications Officer, Amy Merone, shares her experiences after a trip to Gaza last month.

Stories from Gaza

The Peace Deficit

15 December 2014 - Across Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory levels of violence are increasing with innocent civilians still paying the price for political failure.

Paying the price

Another deadly typhoon threatens the Philippines

Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

5 December 2014 - Communities struggling to recover from Typhoon Haiyan last year face yet another life-threatening storm.

Typhoon Hagupit

The strength and resilience of the Afghan woman

Afghan women

2 December 2014 - Afghan civil society is urging the UK government to ensure that previous commitments made to Afghan women are high on the agenda at the London Conference on Afghanistan this week.

Strength and resilience

Ebola – undoing HIV progress in Sierra Leone

Food packages provided for those affected by Ebola

1 December 2014 - Today, thousands of people in Sierra Leone are living with an incurable virus characterised by a sense of fear, stigma, discrimination and misinformation: HIV.

The knock-on effect

Tacloban, Still the Struggle for Survival

Typhoon Washi

12 November 2014 - Hundreds of twinkling candles adorned fishing boats off the shore of Tacloban on Saturday evening (8 November) during a vigil to remember the 6,000 people killed by Typhoon Haiyan a year ago.

A year on

Starvation: deepening the crisis

Ebola virus. Photo courtesy of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH, via https://www.flickr.com/photos/niaid/

30 October 2014 - Since the Ebola virus first hit Sierra Leone in May, the deadly disease has slowly but steadily brought our nation to its knees.

Hunger's effect

We can no longer ignore Ebola’s wider impact – particularly on women

A community health volunteer uses a megaphone to give health messages on how to prevent the spread of Ebola

14 October 2014 - Women are not only more likely to be infected; their education, healthcare, food security and livelihoods are also suffering

At risk

5 questions for world leaders about the future SDGs

September 2014 - During the third week of September, you’re likely to hear about government ministers gathered for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York making speeches about ending world poverty by 2030.

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‘We have to be positive,’ say Gaza’s farmers

A little boy from Gaza with a large bandage on his head

19 September 2014 - Gaza is just 139 square miles of land, facing out onto the Mediterranean Sea. With 1.8 million people living there and an Israeli blockade which prevents full use of the waters off the coast of Gaza, opportunities for farming and fishing are limited. But they do exist.

Hope in Gaza

Colombia: Voices of the victims must be heard if peace is to dawn

Yomaira Mendoza

12 September 2014 -The text message that Yomaira Mendoza received was menacing. “They” had seen her the previous day, it read, by the river with los gringos – meaning us, a group of humanitarian workers and journalists visiting conflict-affected communities in Choco, in north-west Colombia.

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'You can't be president if you're not educated'

Alhousseiny Dicko

12 August 2014 - In many developing countries, the appetite for learning is profound. It is the surest route out of poverty. Take some of the students I met in Mali. They had fled their homes, leaving families behind, simply to take their exams.

Education in Mali

Nicaragua's Grand Canal: more questions than answers

12 August 2014 - In Nicaragua, civil society has been waiting for a confirmed route of the Grand Canal in order to assess its full impact. However, the announcement, made at the beginning of July, has thrown up more questions than answers, the most significant of which concerns the lack of an Environmental Impact Study (EIS), required under both national and international law.

Environmental impact

Leaving no one behind: Will the SDGs make a difference for Brazil's quilombola?

Credit: Christian Aid/ Tabitha Ross

08 July 2014 - Following a year of talks on key issues, including poverty eradication, access to health services and peacebuilding talks, the next set of global poverty goals to follow the current Millennium Development Goals are starting to take shape.

Brazil's quilombola

Nigeria: On the verge of a food crisis?

Food insecurity in Nigeria

07 July 2014 - As the world’s attention continues to focus on Nigeria and the plight of the schoolgirls, abducted by Boko Haram, another crisis is emerging that could see up to 4.2 million Nigerians facing food shortages this year and 3.8 million children under five suffering from acute malnutrition, according to ECHO, the European Community’s humanitarian office.

Food insecurity in Nigeria

Thousands displaced as fighting continues in South Sudan

A group of displaced people from South Sudan

23 June 2014 - Our Emergency Programme Officer Rosie Crowther reflects on her recent trip to South Sudan, where she has been working with one of our partners in Upper Nile, one of three states worst affected by the recent conflict.

South Sudan blog

International Widows' Day: What it's like to be a widow in India

International Widows' Day

23 June 2014 - More than 200 million widows live in poverty worldwide, many of them falling victim to abuse - rape, prostitution and eviction all common problems. Others are simply abandoned to a life of social isolation because of their lowly status within society.

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Uttarakhand Floods: Life One Year On

India floods

19 June 2014 - It is a year since India’s beautiful northern Uttarakhand state was devastated by flooding and storms, and yet its inhabitants are still trying to recover.

Uttarakhand Floods

How can conflict affected communities improve their own futures?


16 May 2014 - The world is steadily becoming a less peaceful place, according to those who monitor levels of violence worldwide.

Learn more

Does this make you angry too? – The real point of Christian Aid Week

Arabat Iraq

15 May 2014 - To mark the start of this year’s Christian Aid Week, Christian Aid’s Head of Middle East Region, Janet Symes has written exclusively for God and Politics on her experience of visiting a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq.

Syria crisis

Wish you weren't here: transnationals on their tax holidays

A school in Gbap, Sierra Leone. Pic: Christian Aid / Heidi Bradner

15 April 2014 - Sierra Leone is not known as a holiday destination – it’s near the bottom of international rankings of countries in terms of poverty, health and deprivation and on average, its citizens do not survive to their 50th birthdays.

Tax in Sierra Leone

Philippines peace deal brings hope for change

Christian Aid/Melanie Smith

15 April 2014 - For more than four centuries, religious conflict has plagued the island of Mindanao in the Philippines costing in recent years some 150,000 lives, displacing two million people and destroying countless homes.

Philippines peace deal

Justice, rights and the rule of law: a price worth paying for peace?

11 April 2014 - In Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT) Christian Aid supports a number of Israeli and Palestinian civil society organisations, such as Addameer, B’Tselem and Al Haq, which recognise that in order for peace to be achieved, human rights must be respected.

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International Child Soldiers Day 2014

Children in Acholiland, northern Uganda

12 February 2014 - The unknown whereabouts of many thousands of people, particularly child soldiers who were abducted by the LRA, continues to haunt people in northern Uganda.

In Kony's Shadow

Refugee children in Syria

Refugee children in Syria

23 January 2014 - When Iman Al Ajami greets me at Movement Social’s headquarters in Badaro, Beirut, I’m immediately drawn to her warm eyes and wide smile.

Refugee children

How can Haiti’s untapped resources truly benefit the Haitian people?

Haiti mining

21 January 2014 - Last year I wrote about the mining situation in Haiti and the vast potential for this sector. Mining companies could provide us with an increase in tax revenues and bring employment to the island - both of which are much needed.

Haiti Mining

Reaping the benefits of extractive industries

Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

14 January 2014 - Joseph Stead looks at how Britain's extractive companies are negatively affecting others and what should be done to help poor countries reap the benefits of their own natural wealth.

Extractive Industries

Syrian refugees: The edge of breaking point

Refugee Layal in her makeshift kitchen in Lebanon

23 December 2013 - Amy Merone, Communications Officer for Christian Aid, shares her experiences from her trip to Lebanon in early December.

Syrian refugees

Syria's double refugees in Lebanon

Palestinian Syrian refugees living in a disused mosque in Lebanon

20 December 2013 - Mairead Collins, Emergency Programme Officer, describes what life is like in Lebanon for five-year-old Hamed, now a refugee for the second time.

Double refugees

Tax evasion and avoidance under scrutiny in 2013

Tax dodging stunt at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, September 2013

17 December 2013 - Alex Prats, Principal Economic Justice Adviser, looks at four highlights of progress towards tax justice in 2013, and explains why he is hopeful for 2014.

Tax justice

The day I met Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela - Make Poverty History

12 December 2013 - I arrived in Cape Town for the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa early last Friday morning, oblivious to the global news story that had broken while I was sleeping in mid-air.

Nelson Mandela

Seeking justice for women in Kenya

Saida Ali - Coalition On Violence Against Women

9 December 2013 - As the 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence come to an end, Saida Ali asks how many more women and girls have to become rape statistics before we can get truly angry about it.

Violence against women

In the presence of greatness: meeting Mandela

Nelson Mandela and Paul Brannen

6 December 2013 - Christian Aid's Paul Brannen reflects on his meeting with Nelson Mandela in 1990 while working for the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: memories of a great man

Nelson Mandela

6 December 2013 - I was there when Nelson Mandela walked to freedom from Victor Verster prison near Cape Town. I saw the arm raised with Winnie, the broad smile, and heard, or thought I did, the shout - Amandla! (Power!)

Nelson Mandela

The Philippines – a month since disaster struck

Typhoon Haiyan flattened coconut trees

6 December 2013 - A desolate hillside of flattened coconut palms vividly depicts the scale of the challenge facing the Philippines as islanders hit by Typhoon Haiyan now confront their future.

Typhoon Haiyan

Sexual exploitation: the hidden danger after Typhoon Haiyan

Menchu Llesi, a women's rights campaigner in the Philippines

15 November 2013 - Jaw-dropping scenes of devastation from the Philippines dominate newspapers and TV screens, but there is another ‘hidden’ danger, often neglected during emergencies - sexual exploitation.

Philippines devastation

Typhoon Haiyan smashes the Philippines

A woman and two children in the Philippines

8 November 2013 - Listening to news reports of super typhoon Haiyan, which smashed into the Philippines in the early hours, Emma Wigley reflects on her time spent in Manila last year during monsoon flooding.

Typhoon Haiyan

Victory for education in the Caribbean

Victory for education in the Dominican Republic

7 November 2013 - The Dominican Republic - famous as a holiday destination and with a growing economy. On the face of it, the country is doing very well, but unfair tax policies and a failure to adequately address poverty mean inequality is growing.

Inequality in Dominican Republic

WCC blog: what does peace mean to you?

WCC Busan assembly logo

7 November 2013 - On the final full day of the World Council of Churches assembly, Paul Valentin sums up his experiences and reflects on the meaning and significance of peace in today's world.

Giving thanks

Cyclone Phailin: More than one million homeless

People eat at a Christian Aid CASA cyclone shelter in India

28 October 2013 - Cyclone Phailin was the biggest storm to hit India in 14 years, yet because few were killed, the story quickly lost the attention of the UK media. So how can charities communicate that there is still a desperate need for funds to help survivors?

India Cyclone Appeal

Dominican Republic court ruling leaves tens of thousands facing a future of statelessness

Milciades has struggled for many years to get full recognition as a Dominican citizen.

17 October 2013 - Following a historical court ruling last week, tens of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent face a highly uncertain future, with many at risk of statelessness.

Dominican nationality

World Food Day: A reflection

Enough Food For Everyone IF demonstration in Hyde Park

16 October 2013 - On World Food Day, Chris Hegarty, senior advisor for policy & advocacy Scotland, reflects on the achievements of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.

Hunger is barbaric

World Food Day: We must stop Angola and Namibia becoming the next Sahel

Huila province in south west Angola has experienced severe drought for the last two years.

16 October 2013 - In the middle of one of the most severe droughts in decades, an estimated 1.5 million people in southern Angola and more than 778,000 people in northern Namibia do not currently have enough food or water.

World Food Day

What could a universal set of development goals mean for the UK?

Water collection in South Sudan

14 October 2013 - At the UN General Assembly last week it was agreed that new development goals would be 'universal and applicable to all countries'. But what's the significance of this for the UK?

Development goals

Strengthening laws to protect migrant domestic workers

Drop-in centre in Tel Aviv, providing practical advice and legal aid

10 October 2013 - Immigration was a hot topic at the UN General Assembly, but we must do much more to protect one particularly vulnerable group of migrants - domestic workers. This mainly female workforce faces abuse and exploitation.

Migrant workers

The fight for land: the Quilombola and indigenous people of Brazil

Quilombola land

7 October 2013 - Dominguinhos, leader of a Quilombola community in Brazil, explains how delays in granting communities legal title to their own land could have devastating consequences on the environment and their way of life.

Land rights

Conference diary - Conservatives, Manchester

Theresa May and Barry Johnston at Conservative Party conference

4 October 2013 - Our advocacy team wrapped up their conference road show with a trip to the northwest for the Conservative gathering. Here's what was said on tax, climate and development.

Climate concerns

A huge blow to Nicaraguan women's rights

Protest against reforms to Law 779 in Nicaragua

4 October 2013 - In the past few weeks thousands of women have taken to the streets in Nicaragua, protesting against legal changes that could mean abused women are forced to face their abusers.

Woman's Rights

Cautious optimism as Colombian peace talks resume

Paramilitaries in Colombia

3 October 2013 - The next round of Colombian peace talks are resuming in Havana, almost a year to the day since the start of the process. Our country manager Thomas outlines his hopes and concerns for the future.

Peace talks

Will 2015 be the year we save the world?

Climate justice now

27 September 2013: Two events this week have enormous implications for people across our planet. The agendas differ widely, but each, in its own way, will help determine the kind of future our world faces.

Climate change

Conference diary - Labour, Brighton

Labour party conference tax stunt in Brighton

27 September 2013 - Christian Aid took its bucket and spade (and those Russian Dolls) to the seaside this week for Labour's conference in a balmy Brighton.

Conference diary

Violence and women in Brazil

Women protest gender violence in Brazil (Photo: Elaine Campos)

26 September 2013: Brazil, a vibrant country of celebration and colour, hides a dark secret. Over the past thirty years nearly 100,000 women have been killed inside their homes.

Violence and women in Brazil

What will the UN General Assembly achieve?

School in Malawi

20 September 2013: Next week world leaders will turn their attention to questions of poverty eradication and sustainable development. Will they start to deliver the transformational change we need?

UN General Assembly

Conference diary – Liberal Democrats, Glasgow

Christian Aid intern Katie Allan posing with Russian dolls used in our tax campaign

19 September 2013 - A round-up of the topics under discussion at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Glasgow.

Tax and green issues

Can the hidden ownership of companies finally be outlawed?

Uncover the phantom firms: give tax dodgers nowhere to hide

17 September 2013 - Every year, millions of companies are ‘born’, many of uncertain parentage. Join us for an in-depth look at the intricacies of these 'phantom firms' and their devastating effect.

In-depth analysis

The world we want to see: post-2015

India's March for justice

12 September 2013 - The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), while certainly flawed, have ensured that global poverty reduction stays on the political agenda at the highest level. But what have they achieved and what comes next?

After the MDGs

G20 tax and transparency rules must work for everyone

Tax march in Bolivia

12 September 2013 - Recent progress made on tax and transparency has been encouraging, but Alex Prats explains why it is important for the voices of developing countries to be heard.

Tax and transparency

Wave of Syrian refugees entering Iraq

Syrian refugees in Iraq

30 August 2013 - As the Syrian conflict grows ever deadlier for the country’s civilians, some two million people, a tenth of the population, have now fled as refugees, half of them children.

Syria crisis

World leaders and tax dodging: an absence of will

84% are angry about multinational companies avoiding tax

29 August 2013 - A new Christian Aid poll on tax dodging shows that the British public remain as angry, if not more so, than before the G8.

Tax poll

Quilombola: Another face of tax injustice

Quilombola community leaders

28 August 2013 - There are all too many Amazons and Starbucks out there – rich and powerful companies not paying their fair shares – but tax injustice also has another face: that of poor families facing gigantic bills.

Tax injustice

International Youth Day: Brazil's shocking violent death rate

Sao Paulo slums

12 August 2013 - On United Nations’ International Youth Day we look at the extraordinarily high rate of violent death among young people in Brazil.

International Youth Day

Pesticide misuse affects millions each year

Pesticides in Ghana

7 August 2013 - More than 90% of pesticide fatalities are believed to occur in developing countries. Claire Meeghan looks at pesticide use, and misuse, in Ghana.

Pesticide misuse

The urban youth vote: high stakes for Zimbabwe elections 2013

A group of young people in Zimbabwe

30 July 2013 - Young people in Zimbabwe are left disappointed as they queue for hours to cast their vote.

Youth vote

Holiday in Haiti: how tourism could fuel redevelopment

Haiti sea view

26 July 2013 - Haiti may have made headlines for the utter destruction of the 2010 earthquake, but it's also blessed with some of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches and was once a prosperous, peaceful, and loving place to live.

Hope in Haiti

March for justice: seeking land rights for the poor of India

Land rights march India

24 July 2013 - Nine months after the historic victory of India's Jan Satyagraha march for justice, the work is far from over in a country heavily influenced by deep-rooted beliefs of social hierarchy. Find out what happened next.

Land rights

Farmers killed demanding land rights in Colombia

Catatumbo Colombian peasants meeting

19 July 2013 - Peace talks are taking place in Colombia, but the reported killing of four unarmed peasants demanding their land rights is a stark reminder that land is the main driver of conflict in the country.

Land rights

The plight of dalit women: it’s time to end the caste system both in India and the UK

Manual scavenging

17 July 2013 - Caste-based discrimination remains a wide-spread practice across the globe, with an estimated 260 million people considered to be ‘outcastes’ (dalits) worldwide.

Caste system

Living in the midst of a humanitarian disaster: the victims of the Indian floods

Sheela Devi India floods

9 July 2013 - Heavy, incessant rains in India have destroyed homes, damaged roads and caused bridges to collapse. An estimated 11,000 people are still missing.

India floods appeal

Blog: homes crushed in India floods

Arti standing with her father Dhanpal

4 July 2013: press officer Melanie Smith was physically swamped by people desperate to share their experiences of the floods, their faces all portraying devastating loss.

India floods blog

G8 decisions could make life very hard for tax dodging companies

Isle of Shady tax haven

5 July 2013 - G8 leaders condemned the 'scourge' of tax evasion, but how much has actually changed for tax dodging companies?

Tax dodging companies

A view from the ground in São Paulo as the protests in Brazil continue to rage

Poor housing Brazil

28 June 2013 - Christian Aid’s programme officer for Brazil, Ana Rocha, shares her thoughts on the protests in Brazil.

Brazil protests

My journey into the tax justice movement

Tax justice bus tour

27 June 2013 - Christian Aid’s country manager for East Africa, Dereje Alemayehu, discusses tax and development.

Tax justice

World Refugee Day

Refugee camp, Baynjan, northern Iraq

20 June 2013 - To mark World Refugee Day, Antoinette Powell, Communications officer for Christian Aid, reports back from her recent trip visiting Syrian refugees in Iraq.

Syrian refugees

The inequality of climate change

Thermal power station West Bengal

13 June 2013 - Press Officer Melanie Smith visited communities in India who are bearing the brunt of climate change.

Adapting to climate change

Haiti's problems can't be addressed without greater co-operation and trust

Destruction after the 2010 earthquake

11 June 2013 - With 1.5 million people in Haiti suffering from severe malnutrition, Prospery Raymond reflects on the food crisis in Haiti and what is being done to address it.

Haiti food crisis

The fight for social equality in Brazil

Quilombola community in the Amazon Etmb

6 June 2013 - In the eyes of the world, Brazil is a country of promise, economic growth and influence, but for many people the reality is a stark contrast. Christian Aid partner Julia Esther Castro explains.

Quilombola rights

An agenda for equitable and sustainable development?

Brazil slums and sky scrapers

31 May 2013: Helen Dennis analyses the much-anticipated report from the High-Level Panel on the global plan to replace the the Millennium Development Goals.

Millennium Development Goals

Yes, taxation can be a good thing for developing countries

Alvin Mosioma, director of the Tax Justice Network Africa

27 May 2013 - Alvin Mosioma, director of the Tax Justice Network in Africa, explains why taxation can be a good thing for developing countries like his - Kenya.

Close the loopholes

Enslaved to maize

Conservation farming scheme Etmb

24 May 2013 - Maize is a political crop that has essentially enslaved Malawi. Vitu Chinoko explains why we need to re-think Malawi’s agricultural future.

Maize in Malawi

Fundraising: a choice between donations and dignity?

Christian Aid Week advert etmb

22 May 2013 - Britons are more likely to donate to campaigns that help people survive, than thrive. Steven Buckley explains Christian Aid's decision to concentrate our new ad campaign on the upside.

Christian Aid Week advert

IF campaign: the elephant in the room

IF campaigner dressed as elephant to lobby George Osborne

22 May 2013 - Why dressing up as an elephant reminded Sarah Croft that campaigning can change lives.

George Osborne campaign

Tax havens - who pays the price?

Christian Aid partner Chetna Vikas helps to tackle malnutrition in India

16 May 2013 - 'Tax haven' may increasingly be a term of abuse but for multinationals they remain extremely popular places to have subsidiaries. Alex Prats explores - who pays the price for tax havens?

Who pays the price?

Angola's poor people hit hard by urbanisation crackdown in Luanda

Children playing in Angola

15 May 2013 - Lilly Peel looks at why forced evictions and illegal housing demolitions have become the norm for people in the overcrowded Angolan capital.

Forced evictions

World Malaria Day 2013

Fatima Brima, 40, and her son Dalla, 7, sit beneath the insecticide treated mosquito net they sleep together beneath at night, provided by Christian Aid partner ADDRO.

25 April 2013 - this World Malaria Day, Christian Aid's Winnie Ssanyu Sseruma looks at the latest advances against one of the world's biggest killers.

World Malaria Day

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