Every 60 seconds, malaria kills another child


Every 60 seconds malaria kills another child.

Meet Kosi. She’s three years old. Like a lot of children in Africa she’s already lost siblings to malaria: one brother and a sister have already died from this killer disease.

A regular gift could help us save lives.

Mosquitos often bite while children are asleep. Millions of children suffer agonising bouts of malaria every year, and thousands of young lives are tragically lost.

Mosquito nets are only the first step in the fight against malaria.

Our partners work tirelessly to train community volunteers, who pass on life-saving health advice and help people get access to the free healthcare they’re entitled to.

But we rely on your generous support to continue our fight against malaria.

Without ongoing funding, malaria will continue to thrive - robbing thousands of a future.

Please sign up to give a monthly gift today and help us make a difference. Let’s not wait for malaria to claim another child’s life.

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People putting up a mosquito net

£15 could buy five life-saving nets.

per month

Women with nets

£9 could buy three life-saving nets.

per month

A life-saving mosquito net

£3 could buy a life-saving net.

per month

People putting up a mosquito net

£50 can pay for 16 life-saving nets.

Women with nets

£30 could buy 10 life-saving nets.

A life-saving mosquito net

£15 can pay for five life-saving nets.

Malaria: The facts

Graphic showing number of deaths from malaria

More than half a million people die of malaria every year

Graphic showing children

75% of these are African children under five

Outline map of Africa

90% of all malaria deaths are in Africa