Rodah standing beside her crops

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We caught up with Rodah, whose farm is thriving. When we showed her our Harvest Appeal and she heard that thousands of generous people like you had responded to her story, she was moved to tears.

Your Harvest offering for communities like Rodah’s will sow seeds of transformation for years to come.

Rodah and Jennifer

Rodah was moved to tears by your support. Pictured with Jennifer from our partner the Anglican Development Service Eastern (ADSE).

Meet some of the people our partner has lifted up
Thanks to you, so many more people like Christine, Anne and Alice will be reached – imagine how many lives your gift will change.
Christine with one of her maize plants

Christine’s harvest is almost ready

Christine and her husband Joachim used to feel frightened when the rains didn’t come. Their harvest is very important – it pays for their children’s education. But now their community has its own sand dam, which means the family has access to precious water all year round. And Christine is sowing drought-resistant seeds that produce crops even when the rains don’t last for long. Now her maize is nearly ready to harvest, and she’s looking forward to giving some of her crop to her church.

Anne beside some of her mango trees

A farm pond improved Anne’s harvest

Anne has been supporting her family for years by growing crops. Recently, though, she’s noticed that the rains fail more and more frequently. Climate change is making it hard for her community to survive. But ADSE have helped Anne to build a pond, and being able to keep water on her land has made a big difference to her farm. She’s growing more crops and has even been able to invest in 70 mango trees. In two years’ time the fruit will be ready to harvest, giving Anne’s income a huge boost.

Alice and another woman collecting water from the sand dam

A loan boosted Alice’s harvest – and her potential

Alice struggled to make a living from her crops – until her community set up a savings and loan group. The group supported Alice to build a fish pond, providing water for her land and fish to sell. It really unlocked her potential. Since then she’s learned farming techniques, has bought two dairy cows and has harvested 9,000 mangoes – and counting! Now she can enjoy a decent income. The whole community has benefited from the savings and loan group – people just like Alice are using the money to pay for school fees, healthcare and to invest in their businesses.

Pray with us this Harvest

This year’s Harvest prayer comes from Esther Musili, executive director of the Anglican Development Service Eastern in Kenya.

O Lord our God,
We pray that the seed we sow
today will bring a harvest that
causes continued dew upon the
earth to sustain the seed in our hands.

May we always have seed to sow
and rejoice when we see the
transformation that reflects the image
of God in your people all over the world.


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