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An ethical energy tariff for your church

Looking for an energy tariff for your church that helps fund Christian Aid’s renewable energy projects in the developing world?

Gaia Energy Brokers Limited have developed a scheme called Additional Renewable Kilowatt (ARK) which allows your church to do just that. 

Income from this scheme helps to fund a project in Mali, west Africa, run by Christian Aid partner the Mali Folke Centre. 

This project generates renewable energy for communities that previously did not have reliable access to energy.

How does it work?

An uplift of £20 per year (including VAT) per contract (either gas or electricity or both) is added to the Standing Charge. This uplift contributes to Christian Aid’s renewable energy projects. This is for contracts starting from 1 January 2016.

This replaces the p/kWh uplift of 0.4p for electricity and 0.08p for gas contracts with a start date earlier than 1 January 2016.

How your church can get involved

For more information about the ARK tariff, please call 01179 506 502, email info@gaia-energy.co.uk or visit www.gaia-energy.co.uk.

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