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Every year, hundreds of our supporters include us in their Wills.

For some it’s an act of faith. It may be a way of acknowledging the blessings they’ve received in their own life. Or of ensuring their values of compassion and justice live on after they’ve gone.

For Esther, Kathy's daughter, who died of a rare bone cancer when she was just 14, it was the desire to make a lasting difference to the lives of others that inspired her to leave some money to Christian Aid.

In October 2013 Kathy went to Haiti to see for herself how gifts like Esther’s are transforming lives.

‘I saw people who had lost everything in the 2010 earthquake rebuilding their homes. I saw crops being sown and children being fed. And then there was Rocheline.’

Rocheline is a young girl living in one of the poorest districts of Porte-au-Prince. Just like Esther, she had discovered the healing power of art therapy.

‘In Rocheline I saw the same spirit and hope in the face of adversity that I had known in Esther. In this young Haitian girl I saw, in the most direct and moving way, that Esther’s legacy really does live on.’

Follow Kathy’s journey, and discover how your legacy can be a world free from the injustice of poverty.


A woman and child in front of a wall of children's paintings

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Kathy Childress with children in Haiti

See a short film of Kathy's journey to Haiti.

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For more information or if you have any questions, contact Alison or Kerry in our legacy team by email or on 020 7523 2173.