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In Their Lifetime Appeal

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By becoming an ITL investor, you will be contributing to projects with the potential for large-scale social impact.

Engaging with ITL has already given our committed supporters an insight into the realities of international development, access to development experts and an opportunity to meet like-minded people from all walks of life at events. Join us.

ITL supporters are from all walks of life. From the world of business or through their faith,  what unites them is their vision and understanding of the need to be bold and take risks to eradicate poverty.

Watch this video and find out the difference ITL has made to people in Bolivia, Kenya and IoPt.


  • Creation of sustainable, locally run business is an essential element of long-term poverty elimination. IT is wonderful to see Christian Aid developing financial tools to prove that enterprises can grow from grant dependency to self-sufficiency.’

Martin Rich, Sales Director, Social Finance

  • In Their Lifetime invites us to make a commitment that will make a difference to the lives of some of our global neighbours and might just change our own.’

Colin MacNeil, member of the Scotland ITL Cabinet

In their lifetime