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In the spotlight: Samuel Williams, Volunteer Speaker

Samuel Williams Volunteer Samuel Williams has recently joined Christian Aid’s team of volunteer speakers in the Bristol area. As a communications professional with experience of preaching, Samuel wanted to contribute his skills to Christian Aid because he felt excited about our work. 

He loves the way that Christian Aid lives out its theology through practical action on the ground and describes this as “the gospel walking”.  

As well as responding to invitations to speak Samuel also makes contact with local churches. He receives training, resources and on-going support from the Christian Aid regional coordinator in his area. 

Samuel always finds it very moving to see people’s response to Christian Aid’s stories. One of his first speaking engagements was to talk about our response to the Ebola crisis. There were a number of people from Sierra Leone in the congregation who hadn’t been sure how to help so were keen to respond.

Samuel loves it when people realise that their lives can make a difference to the lives of others and he is looking forward to taking this message out further as his role develops. 

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