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Super Soup Lunch 2015 Super Soup Lunch 2015  

Be a souper hero!

Everyone has a favourite soup – whether it be a tempting tomato, a delicious dhal or a mouth-watering mulligatawny.  This Lent, join forces with thousands of souper heroes across Britain by hosting a soup lunch.

Easy to plan, they are a fun, tasty way to bring friends and family together in church halls, community centres or your home to raise money for our vital work.

Use your souper powers this Lent and help us end poverty!

Get your resources

Order your free resources by post or download with everything you need to organise, plan and fundraise for your event.



Elema and Bokiya from Ethiopia

Count Your Blessings

Celebrate the good things in your life this Lent with our thought-provoking Count Your Blessings calendar.

Women in Ethiopia reading Christian Aid Magazine


Join us this Lent by following our Count Your Blessings journey and organising a Super Soup Lunch.

Super Soup Lunch

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