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Count your blessings this Lent

Celebrate the good things in your life this Lent with our thought-provoking Count Your Blessings calendar.

Our 40 daily bite-size reflections will inspire you to give, act and pray to bring justice to our world and change the lives of people living in poverty across the globe.

The new app will be available at the end of January 2014. If you used our Count Your Blessings app in 2013, don't delete it - we'll send you updates and you'll be able to use it again in 2014.


Lent app

Mobile phone screens showing the Count Your Blessings app

Count Your Blessings wherever you are using our new apps

Count Your Blessings calendars

Wahid tends seedlings

Give thanks and celebrate the good things in your life this Lent.

Super Soup Lunch

Super Soup Lunch logo

Organise a Super Soup Lunch and raise money to help end hunger.

Mothering Sunday

Hero and Darin

Learn about Iraqi mothers Hero and Naima, and download our Mothering Sunday resources.

Ibrahim tends sheep


Join us for Lent 2014: follow our Count Your Blessings journey, organise a Super Soup Lunch and share our Mothering Sunday story.

Count Your Blessings 2014

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