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Welcome to our Sourced Campaign Volunteer

Christine SavageWe're delighted to welcome Christine Savage, who has recently retired from full-time work, to the team in the Christian Aid Newcastle office as a volunteer co-ordinator for the Sourced campaign.

Christine has worked for the Open University Business School and at Newcastle University, and more recently has set up and run businesses in the social housing and care sectors.

'Volunteering with Christian Aid employs all the skills and contacts I have built up over the years, and which I am keen to use,' she says.

Christine is working on the Sourced campaign, which aims to ensure that local councils do not contract with companies that dodge taxes.

Corporate tax dodging costs developing countries an estimated $300bn every year, money which could be used to tackle poverty, and provide essential services like healthcare and education.

For every $10 given in aid to the developing world, $15 slips out through tax dodging. This is unjust.

Our new Sourced campaign aims to use the financial influence of local councils to change the behaviour of big business and offers a great way for citizens to take action, and involve their local representatives in the way their councils spend their money.

Companies need to know that they cannot hide tax dodging – either in the UK or overseas – when they bid for large contracts from your council.

You can read more about this very important campaign at the Sourced website. Get involved by lobbying your local councillor, using the information on the website or by getting in touch with us.

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