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The North East's Extreme Omelette Homilies from Christian Aid Week 2016

For Christian Aid Week, hundreds of people around the North East invited their neighbours round for a community breakfast as a way to raise money and show love for their global neighbour.

So we invited local politicians and church leaders to take part in Christian Aid North East’s ‘Extreme Omelette Homily Challenge’. Their challenge was to be filmed cooking an omelette, while delivering a homily about ‘loving every neighbour’ - all in just 90 seconds. (Think of it as a cross between Thought For The Day and Saturday Kitchen!)

Here they are in action:

Chris Howson's Extreme Omelette Homily: the one with the RAW CHRISTIANITY.

Chris is Chaplain to the University of Sunderland and part of Diocese of Durham

The Moon Family Omelette Homily: the one with the KIDS and a LOT OF SMOKE.

Alex Cunningham MP's omelette homily: the one where the COOKER DIDN'T WORK!

Alex is Labour MP for Stockton North

The Dean's Extreme Omelette Homily: the one in the WIND!

Chris is Dean of St Nicholas Cathedral and part of Diocese of Newcastle.

Ruth Gee's Omelette Homily: the one with the PERFECT TIMING!

Ruth is Chair of Darlington Methodist District.

Chantal Noppen's Omelette Homily: the one with the SPOKEN WORD!

Chantal is the #BykerCurate and part of Diocese of Newcastle

Paul Revill's Omelette Homily: the one with the HIKERS IN THE BACKGROUND!

Paul works for the Northern Baptist Association.

Joanne Thorn's Omelette Homily: the LAST ONE in the CATHEDRAL

Joanne works for North East Churches Acting Together (NECAT) 

And finally... enjoy the outtakes! 

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