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John Grundy marches for justice

John Grundy on Bede's Way1 August 2012

Local historian and TV presenter, John Grundy, tells us how walking along the Bede's Way in solidarity with India's landless poor has inspired him.

India's march for justice is one of the biggest non-violent campaigns the world has ever witnessed.

In October 2011, thousands of people set out on a year-long walk in India, organised by Christian Aid partner, Ekta Parishad.

The walk will culminate in a month-long march to New Delhi in October 2012.

Ekta Parishad hope that by adhering  to Satyagraha (truth-force) and Ahimsa (non-violence) they will be able to provide a voice for the marginalised communities in India who do not have rights over their land, water and forests.

Walking in solidarity along Bede's Way

To mark the beginning of the year-long march, in 2011 Christian Aid staff and supporters raised awareness by marching the 12 miles from St Paul's, Jarrow, and St Peter's, Monkwearmouth, with their banners held high.

Local TV presenter walks with Christian Aid

'Great work has been done to bring the industrial land back from the brink of decay and it deserves to be seen.'

Local historian, John Grundy was persuaded to take part in the walk by Christian Aid staff two years ago but the unexpected beauty of the area and the fun and sociable nature of the walkers convinced him to take part in the walk again this year. He says:

'The area between Jarrow and Monkwearmouth is unexpectedly beautiful. Great work has been done to bring the industrial land back from the brink of decay and it deserves to be seen.

'The walk is varied and attractive and although it is 12 miles, it is doable, even with my artificial hips. The rich and enthralling history of the land is also another reason to take part.

'The more you know about anything, the more interesting it becomes and there is a lot to be known of the area.'

An ancient-modern story

After recounting tales of the Bede to the walkers, John was encouraged to write them down and has now written a booklet on the history of the Bede and the route of the walk, with all proceeds going to Christian Aid and partner organisations such as Ekta Parishad.

If you would like a copy of John Grundy's booklet, please contact Christian Aid's North East office:


Video: the march for justice continues

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