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IF campaign: lobby your MP

IF campaign launch in Newcastle 201320 February 2013

Take a stand against the injustice of world hunger and lobby your local MP as part of the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF campaign.

Next steps

Following the successful launch of the IF campaign in January, we now need your help to make our MPs take action!

The next step in the IF campaign is to lobby as many MPs as possible before The Budget is announced on 20 March: the target is 300 MPs.

We are encouraging you and as many people as possible in the North East to lobby your MP: whether by letter, in person or even inviting your MP to an event you are holding for the campaign.

Get lobbying!

Through lobbying, we can demand action from our MPs to take the issue of world hunger seriously.

Of the four big IFs we can especially demand action over tax and aid in The Budget; in order to stop big companies dodging taxes in poor countries and also reinforcing the UK government's commitment to spending 0.7% of its national income on aid.

There is enough food for everyone but not everyone has enough food

Let's make our MPs realise the importance of this issue and show them that we are taking a stand against world hunger.

Our leaders will listen IF we act together and act now.

Further information:

Mass mobilisations

After the lobby, our focus will be on the IF campaign mobilisations in June. Join thousands of people and let’s make our voices heard by some of the most powerful leaders in the world:

  • Saturday 8 June - London, the same day as the Hunger Summit

  • Saturday 15 June- Northern Ireland, just before the G8 begins its meetings there.

To find out more about the mobilisations visit christianaid.org.uk/if or contact Judith Sadler

Photo courtesy of Charles Martin.



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