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Prints of peace

Image of Colombia’s Hands Around the World memorial wall10 April 2014

The safety of more than 5 million Colombians, forced from their homes by violence, is in your hands. This Christian Aid Week, churches and individuals from across the North East are showing their love for displaced communities in Colombia by adding their handprints to our wall of peace.

Standing together

The collection of hands will be displayed in Newcastle churches during Christian Aid Week and then presented to Father Alberto, head of Christian Aid partner Inter-church Commission for Justice and Peace, when he visits the UK in summer. This will show peace communities in Colombia that churches in the UK stand together with them in their thoughts and prayers.

And this action of solidarity will provide a measure of safety in itself, letting armed groups know that around the world, people are watching.

How you can get involved

Together, we can send a message that the church stands united for peace and justice. 

• Take a photo of your handprint, drawn or painted on paper, with your name and a message for Colombia written on it. You can then tweet it (#handstogether); upload it to Facebook and tag Christian Aid North East in the photo; or email it to us at newcastle@christian-aid.org Get as many of your friends to share it and upload their own hand photos as you can!

• Encourage your whole church to make a wall of handprints. You can draw around your hands on coloured paper, paint them onto a sheet or use chalk to leave prints all over your church wall. Get creative and raise awareness of Colombian peace communities, making sure you send us a photo of your church in action!

Further information

Read more about the work of Christian Aid in Colombia.


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