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Gail's reflections on her year with the Christian Aid North East Team

Gail Willows North East intern 2015/6As her internship with the Christian Aid Collective is due to finish soon, we asked Gail to reflect on her experiences over the last year with the North East Team. She writes:

'In September, I started the Christian Aid ten-month internship programme. I knew I would be doing youth group sessions, but I didn’t expect to be involved in so many things.

'I’ve spoken at many different church services (including one in a castle), organised a fundraising event, attended campaigns events and conferences, delivered training and organised an art exhibition.

'I’ve learned so much, including event organisation, leadership skills, speaking and presentation skills and even some Portuguese!

'Working at Christian Aid, I have gained an understanding of how different parts of the organisation work together, what makes a good development model and the importance of working in partnership.

'I definitely understand more now about the connection between climate change, tax justice and poverty.

'My personal highlights this year would definitely be the trip away to Brazil. Having not been outside Europe or visited International Development projects before, this was an eye opener for me. 

'Also being part of the London Climate Change march, ahead of the Paris summit. Coming together in solidarity with 50,000 other people, of different cultures and faiths, was a really important moment.

'My funny memories include showing primary school children our very realistic-looking ‘wonderful worms’ in Christian Aid Week, making omelette homily videos (including burning an omelette in the office) and accidentally getting locked in a shopping centre with other interns in Sao Paulo! 

'I hope to stay working in the charity sector in future and will certainly continue supporting Christian Aid’s work for a long time to come.'

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