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Pray it fair: fair trade and justice

March 2012

Pray it fairChristian Aid student and youth interns Hannah Glasgow and Claire Whitmore spent a busy Fairtrade Fortnight travelling across London and the South East to engage young Christians with Fairtrade and justice issues.

Hannah and Claire created a series of workshops for students, exploring the links between faith and fair trade, to encourage young people to think about how their lifestyle choices can create change.

Claire said: 'We were keen to strengthen our relationship with Christian Unions and other student groups in Sussex, Kent and London and these sessions gave us the opportunity to better engage with young Christians on campus and resource them to take action.'

Climate justice

Climate change is a present reality for many of Christian Aid's partners around the world and the interns felt it was essential to highlight the climate justice campaign as part of their workshops.

Hannah said: 'We gathered together to pray for climate justice, fair trade and an end to poverty. During the course of the two weeks we challenged people to reflect on what their ideal world look like.

'We shared stories of Christian Aid's work and our vision for a fair world. A world free from poverty, where the dignity and worth of all humans is recognised.'

At the end of the fortnight students from across the region gathered together for 'Pray it fair', an evening of song, craft and prayer to creatively reflect how they as young Christians can play a role in building this ideal world.

Hannah said: 'We wanted to show that we are not in this alone, that we can stand together and put our faith into action to bring about God's vision of the Kingdom here on Earth.

'As the Lord's Prayer says "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".'

Arrange a session

If you would like Hannah and Claire to come and run a session in your church, school or university then please contact the London and South East team at LSE@christian-aid.org or on 020 7523 2159.

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