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Speak Up Week of Action - Christian Aid supporters get involved!

Speak Up apporWhat does your MP think about climate change? That's the question from Christian Aid supporters that we hope MPs are going to answer during a week of action in October.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to people and places we love, both here in the UK and overseas. Increasingly, its impact on people and places that we care about is being seen. But do our MPs really understand the appetite for action to tackle climate change in their constituencies?

Taking as a starting point the positive examples of action to tackle climate change in your local area, you can remind politicians of the local aspects of this worldwide issue - the steps that people in your communities are taking to tackle climate change - and of what more can be done.

We'd love more churches to get involved in organising an event to invite their MP along to - maybe you can involve your local school, or work together on an event with local branches of other members of the climate coalition, such as Friends of the Earth, the WI and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust...

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