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'Hello East Midlands' by Alice Cane

New intern Alice Cane

18 September 2012

Alice Cane, new Christian Aid youth and student volunteer intern for the East Midlands, writes about herself, her new role and her claim to fame!

Hello East Midlands!

I've just moved to Loughborough to start a 10-month internship with Christian Aid in the East Midlands. My job is to engage, encourage and equip youth and students to get on board with Christian Aid’s work and global poverty issues, and assure them that their voice counts!

I will be working across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, and if you would like to hear more about how I can support the young people in your area in learning about advocacy and global poverty issues, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Call me on 01509 265013 or email acane@christian-aid.org.

The Christian Aid Collective

This year, Christian Aid has launched its new youth branch, called 'the Collective'. It aims to bring together the growing network of young people passionate for change in the world.

When I was applying for this internship I thought it sounded like a fantastic opportunity to be part of a movement of young people standing up and speaking out for the poor. 

A team of interns have been placed around the UK to help grow this network and encourage people to challenge inequalities, and fight against the rules that keep the poor in poverty.


I am off to Zimbabwe in a few days to meet Christian Aid partners and learn about the work that goes on there. I’m sure this will be an amazing opportunity to meet the people whose lives are changed by the work of Christian Aid in partnership with local Zimbabwean organisations, and I really look forward to sharing their stories when I return.

A lot of my work with young people this year will be based around the real life projects and people from Zimbabwe, so please get in touch if this interests you!

Some more about me

  • I’m from Canterbury, but have been studying Social Anthropology in Cambridge for the last three years. Just getting to know the Midlands and loving it already!

  • Interests: international development and global poverty issues; working with young people and seeing them passionate about justice for the poor!

  • Likes: banoffee pie; Zumba; playing music; exploring new countries and cultures.

  • Dislikes: mayonnaise; spiders; when the last chocolate in the box is a nutty one.

  • Claim to fame: I live opposite Orlando Bloom's mum!

Arrange a talk in your youth group or school 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hearing more about Christian Aid's work and how young people can get involved.

You can contact me by phone on 01509 265013 or by email on acane@christian-aid.org. I look forward to hearing from you.



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