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Going for Gold weekend and sponsored skydive

Rob and Beth sky dive8 November 2012

Instead of organising a sponsored walk for Christian Aid as part of our Mission Weekend this year, we decided to support two young people in our parish who were planning to skydive for Christian Aid later in the summer.

Mission Weekend

The theme chosen for the Mission Weekend was the Olympics, and it began with a Greek meal set in a 'taverna'. It was an ambitious project for us to take on. However, it was a great success.

Two local musicians provided live music as 48 guests arrived at the marquee. In the beautifully decorated venue, Greek wine and nibbles were served and our own 'Olympic flame' was lit. The evening raised £380, a marvellous contribution to the fundraising.

At the Sunday morning service a sports chaplain from Loughborough University addressed the congregation, which was very enlightening.

The Sunday School children and their teachers then enjoyed a picnic in the marquee, after which they competed in their mini-Olympics for 'gold' medals, as well as racing against their parents.


The morning of the jump was bright and clear. Rob and Beth are both ‘adrenalin junkies’, so were looking forward to the day. On leaving the plane they would fall at 130mph for 45 seconds before their buddy opened the parachute. 

Technically they were jumping from 13,000 feet without a parachute! It took them 15 minutes to climb to 13,000 feet and out they jumped.

Rob said it was ‘the best thing ever. I want to do it again!’ Beth found it equally exhilarating, even having time to wave to her supporters just before landing.

They were both thrilled to have the opportunity to jump, while at the same time raising much-needed funds for Christian Aid.

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