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Want to get involved in Christian Aid campaigns?

Friday 2 November

At Christian Aid, we believe that campaigning is a key part in the fight against poverty.

Why? Because by raising our voices and highlighting the injustices that keep people poor, we can challenge and change the structures that favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalised.

With our partners working on the ground around the world fighting poverty, we too can be working here in the UK to try to change unfair structures that are keeping people poor. Your voice is powerful in the fight for justice.


Tax dodging is an injustice that keeps some people poor while others get richer. 

A global culture of financial secrecy allows some unscrupulous firms to dodge tax, which is robbing poor countries of more than $160billion a year. This is money that could be spent on essential services such as health, education and welfare. 

We are campaigning for tax justice by asking for:

• companies to report on the profits they make and taxes they pay in every country in which they operate
• tax havens to automatically share information about the money flowing through them with other countries.

Tax has been big news in recent months and we believe now is the time for tax justice.

Climate change

We started our Climate Justice campaign back in 2007. Since then real progress has been made, including the fantastic campaigning win for mandatory reporting of carbon emissions by UK businesses from April 2013.

Climate change will affect us all, but those in poverty will feel it the most. They are affected first and worst, yet have done least to cause the problem. It is time for climate justice.

Take action

So if you are interested in campaigning for Christian Aid and an end to poverty, why not do one of the following: 

• contact us in the Loughborough office, where we can chat to you about organising a stunt, a campaigning workshop, lobbying your MP or arrange to come and chat to you/your group
• take one of our online actions - either calling for more financial transparency or to protect the Climate Change Act of 2008
• tell your local Christian Aid group, Church, school or youth group about our campaigns and inspire others to get involved
• visit the campaigning section of our website.

Donate now

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How we can help 

Your local Christian Aid team is on hand to:

- provide speakers
- run workshops
- provide resources
- promote your event
- offer advice & support

Contact your local office to find out more.