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Big Picnic day for URC Pilots

Big Picnic plates

31 May 2013

Regional Coordinator for URC Pilots East Midlands, Gus Webbe, gives us the lowdown on this year's Big Picnic.

It is always nerve-wracking putting on an event for young people. Will there be enough to do? Will they enjoy it? Will they 'get' the activities?

Well, in this case, yes! The Big Picnic was a hit!

Over to Tricia Legge, Regional Coordinator for URC Pilots East Midlands: ‘Saturday was a huge success. There was lots of fun, messy, stimulating and thought-provoking activities for the pilots and the adults.'


We had three age groups (5-7, 8-10, and 11+) participating in four sessions. Each session lasted 40 minutes and consisted of:

.prayer stations

.poverty simulation

.creative crafts

.unfair games.

The sessions enabled each participant to experience the challenges those living in poverty face when the rules continually change. They were able to pray for what we are blessed with and for those who are not as fortunate. 

The Christian Aid message of supporting poor communities to lift themselves out of poverty was central to all we did during the day.

'We should do this again'

We finished the day with worship, during which we focused on the IF campaign.

Each person placed a paper plate, carrying a message for the government, into a box addressed to 10 Downing Street.

General comments about the day from leaders and parents included:

'The young people had a great time.'

'It was very relaxing and enjoyable,' and

'We should do this again’.

Over to Tricia Legge for a final word:

'Everyone enjoyed themselves. I'm sure they will have taken away some of the serious points we were making too.’

Thank you!

A big thank you to Miriam Webb (National Christian Aid Youth) who travelled from London on the day to lead the poverty simulation. 

Also a massive thank you to Alice Cane (East Midlands Christian Aid Youth) for working alongside us, and for being instrumental in organising this event in a short amount of time.

Pictures of the event will be available on the East Midlands URC website soon.

It was a brilliant day.

As Tricia said: 'Not sure how we are going to top it next year!' but let's worry about that later!

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