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Will you stand with us this harvest? 

Together we can support people like Bebé Albenize and her community in the Amazon rainforest, to help them protect their way of life and bear fruit for the future.

This harvest, as we celebrate God’s bountiful creation, we are asking churches to stand with us alongside communities in Brazil whose most important harvest is under massive threat.

You can download all you need from this site and order printed resources to help your church give, act and pray with us this harvest.

Harvest resources

Bebe Albenize

Download all you need to get your church involved.

Children's resources

Dielem and Deivite play in the Amazon rainforest

Download all you need for children at home, at school or in church.

Domingo Printes, Brazil


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A boat on the Trombetas River

Reflect and pray

Watch our harvest slideshow and pray with us for communities in the Amazon rainforest that Christian Aid is supporting.

Harvest appeal

Your donations this harvest will change lives.

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