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Churches malaria scheme

This project is now closed, but the legacy of all it has achieved lives on.

The whole of Sierra Leone is affected by malaria; it accounts for about 40% of the deaths of people coming to hospitals for treatment, and is the main cause of illness and death in children under five.

It is also a major problem affecting pregnant women, when it is frequently associated with anaemia. In rural areas, malaria affects approximately 35% of pregnant women.

In partnership with 80 UK churches raising £500 each, we have been helping to run a lifesaving malaria control project in Sierra Leone.


In the two years the project ran, Christian Aid, our supporting communities and our partners in Sierra Leone have achieved so much:

  • We have trained 60 community health volunteers to teach people about malaria prevention and to encourage communities to make the best use of all the available health facilities.

  • We have used broadcast media and crowd-pulling social events, such as football matches, concerts and quizzes - 15,000 people have received positive messages on malaria prevention and control.

  • We have trained ‘peer educators’ at 168 outreach sessions, particularly young people and women volunteers, who are taught the importance of using bed nets properly and cleaning up places in their communities where malaria-carrying mosquitos breed. Having learnt about malaria, these trainees can then pass their knowledge on to others.

  • Six communities have set up monitoring committees to ensure that local health services provide the free malarial treatment to which people are entitled. There has been an increase in the number of those using the healthcare facilities and asserting their rights to free malarial treatment.

To those who have supported the project – thank you so much for your generosity. Your gifts have saved lives.

Community Partnerships

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