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Sponsored Zorb terms and conditions

Christian Aid conditions of entry

1. Anyone taking part in a Christian Aid zorb event and raising more than £500 will be classed as a professional fundraiser and will be required to sign an appropriate agreement.
2. In return for a guaranteed place on a Christian Aid zorb event, you must pay to Christian Aid a non-refundable registration fee of £20 and commit to raising a further minimum amount of £65 sponsorship. Ideally, the entire amount in sponsorship should be received by Christian Aid a minimum of seven days before the day of the event or with proof of confirmed pledges for the full amount. At least 60% of the minimum sponsorship amount should be received by Christian Aid by the day of the abseil. The minimum sponsorship does not include your non-refundable registration fee. The minimum sponsorship must be paid to Christian Aid within eight weeks of your zorb. Failure to do so means that you must make up the balance yourself.
3. If you are unable to obtain the minimum target amount of sponsorship you are liable to forfeit your place on the zorb - or you may choose to make up the balance yourself.
4. You must make it clear to all prospective sponsors that a certain amount from your sponsorship money goes towards payment of your guaranteed place and on-the-day costs.  
5. Should you not be able to take up your place all sponsorship monies should be returned to your sponsors (or, if they agree, given as a donation to Christian Aid).
6. You must be less than 15.5 stone (weight) and above 5 foot 2 inches (height) to participate in the event. If you are under 18 you must have written parental consent prior to the zorb and the parent/guardian must be present on the day of the zorb.
7. All funds raised in the name of Christian Aid must be paid as soon as practical to Christian Aid.
8. Christian Aid acts as agent only for the event organiser and has no control over the organisation and running of each event. All participants take part at their own risk. Christian Aid is unable to accept liability for any loss or damage, however arising, or for cancellation of the event for any reason outside its control. Registration fees will only be refundable should Christian Aid pull out of the event.
9. All transfers to and from the venue are at the participant's own expense.
10. You will be responsible for providing your own personal equipment.
11. Christian Aid may, at their sole discretion, withdraw places from the challenge if it is in their best interests to do so.

Fundraising agreement

In fundraising for Christian Aid you agree:
1. To obtain and pay all monies pledged through your efforts to Christian Aid.
2. To tell sponsors that the money raised benefits Christian Aid (a registered charity).
3. To tell sponsors that a certain amount from your sponsorship money goes towards payment of your guaranteed place and on-the-day costs.  
4. That donations will not be refundable if you do not participate in or complete the event.
5. To ask sponsors to send their monies directly to you, not Christian Aid.
6. To inform Christian Aid of any public event you are organising.
7. To keep the names of your sponsors (we may ask for their details).
8. To make it clear that you are not an employee of Christian Aid.
9. Not to reproduce the Christian Aid logo without permission.
10. Not to collect in a private place without first obtaining the permission of the owner.
11. Not to collect in a public place without first obtaining the appropriate collector's license from the local authority.
12. Not to raise funds by carrying out house-to-house collections.
13. Not to do anything to bring Christian Aid's name into disrepute