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International Women’s Day: 8 March

Christian Aid remains committed to exposing the scandal of violence against women, and we will continue to partner with churches in Brazil to change social attitudes in order to protect women.
Loretta Minghella, Chief Executive, Christian Aid

On 8 March, we celebrate women’s achievements but also highlight the many challenges they still face.

Despite progress in many areas of women’s lives, no country in the world can say today that it has achieved gender equality.

Christian Aid wants everyone to live in a world where women and men are recognised as equals, and where gender isn’t a barrier to being treated fairly. To do this, we work with all members of a community to bring about change.

This Easter, we’re focusing on the inspiring work that’s happening at the Casa Noeli dos Santos safe house in Brazil. It’s a refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence, where committed staff provide practical and emotional support. It’s a place where women can overcome the trauma of the past and prepare for an independent future.

By observing International Women’s Day this year, you can stand up for women across the world who have been held back, trapped in poverty or the victims of abuse.