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Casa Noeli dos Santos: the safe house

Whether you've sent a message to the women at the safe house in Brazil, prayed for our work, made a donation or simply shared our video ‐ we think you're incredible! Your support will make a huge difference to the lives of many women through the work of Rev Elineide and the team at the safe house.

Casa Noeli dos Santos is the only church-run safe house in Brazil. It provides a refuge for women fleeing domestic violence and it’s run by Reverend Elineide, the devoted parish priest.

It can house up to 10 women and children at a time. Women like Fran, whose ex-husband killed her father and brother when she tried to leave him. Now she’s coming to terms with what happened to her, and making plans for the future.

Follow Fran’s story

In this video, discover how the safe house offers women a chance of a new life.

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