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Ethiopia partnership

This project is now closed to new partners

For more than 50,000 people who live in the Wulbareg and Sankura districts of Ethiopia, a dream is becoming a reality.

Our Ethiopia project was completed in 2010 and clean, fresh water is available for the first time in many of the towns and villages 200km southwest of Addis Ababa. The water will be available to many more people over the coming months.

The project, run by local partner Water Action and funded by the European Union and Christian Aid, involved building a network of pipes to carry fresh water from nearby springs into the villages. Water points and wash basins are then constructed for the use of the community.

The project also involved training local health promoters and improving the loval environment by building terraces and planting trees.

These photos show a little glimpse of what has been achieved so far.

To find out more about community partnerships and how you can make your fundraising go further, contact your local office or email communitypartnerships@christian-aid.org

Ethiopian children queing for water

Children queing for water, something that will not be necessary once the water pipeline reaches their villages.

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