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Sao Paolo urban project (Brazil)

This project is now closed to new partners

Despite the growth in the Brazilian economy in recent years, today one in four Brazilians lives in poverty. 

Mass unemployment, especially in large cities such as Sao Paulo, means that many of the poorest people have no formal employment. 

They depend on 'unofficial' jobs to make ends meet – such as sorting rubbish to sell on to recycling companies, or selling low-value items on the street.

Many families in city-centre slums are forced to live in appalling conditions.  Overcrowding is rife in Sao Paulo and often there is no clean water or sanitation of any kind.

Families without money to access legal advice are unable to stand up for their housing rights, and challenging their landlord can result in immediate eviction and homelessness.

The project

With power so overwhelmingly in the hands of the richer landlords, Christian Aid partner Gaspar Garcia is helping to redress the balance.

They educate poor tenants in their legal rights and help them to work together to challenge unscrupulous landlords.

This project also develops people’s skills, which increases both the range of jobs open to them and their security in those jobs. 

In addition, it works to increase access to Brazil's social safety nets for the city’s poorest people.

European Union funding

The EU is match funding this project three times over – meaning that your £5,000 will transform into £20,000 for the communities in Sao Paulo.

Donations for this project need to be with Christian Aid by 30 September 2013.

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To find out more about how your church, business, school or other community group can partner with this project, email cpartnership@christian-aid.org or contact one of our area offices directly.

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