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Christmas appeal: get your resources

Good news! The UK Government will double every pound your church raises this Christmas, so even more lives can be saved.

At Christmas, we celebrate the hopes of humanity focused on a tiny baby. He was born to a young mother with nowhere but a stable to welcome him into the world.   

A joyful night. The night a child was born who would change the course of history. But not every child born in a stable survives.

Together we can spare mums the anguish of losing a child, and make sure more babies never have to lose their mothers.

What you can do...

Hold a collection, promote our appeal, organise a fundraising event and pray with us. Download your fundraising and worship resources now to get involved this Christmas and help deliver vital healthcare and hope to mums and babies around the world.

Want to order resources? Donation envelopes, posters and children's activity sheets are  available to order .


Posters and event promotion  

Christmas posters (PDF) Church poster

Two inspiring designs to get your church up and giving. The poster doubles up as an events poster and tickets, plus a whole lot of fundraising ideas.

Church posters (PDF, 2mb)

Order a copy by post here


Magazine article (PDF) Magazine article and pew sheet notice

Adaptable word files to include in your church magazine or notices that go a little deeper.

Magazine article with editable fields (PDF, 2.2mb)

Fully editable magazine article (Word, 3mb)

Pew sheet (Word, 0.2mb)


Festive fundraising poster Festive fundraising poster

An editable poster for you to use to promote your fundraising event or carol service. Includes fundraising ideas and tips.

Festive fundraising poster (PDF, 1.5mb)



Worship resources

Nine carols and lessons (PDF) Nine lessons and carols

Beautiful reflections and poetry to complement or rejuvenate a traditional carol service with a Kenya twist.

Nine lessons and carols (PDF, 4.4mb)



Short talk (PDF) Short talk and monologue

Versatile talk for Advent and Christmastide, plus a dramatic monologue for something a little different.

Short talk (PDF, 0.1mb)

Monologue text: (PDF, 0.1mb)

Monologue recording: (MP3, 2.7mb)

Welsh version: short talk (PDF, 1mb)


Advent liturgy (PDF) Advent candle liturgies

Moving short pieces of liturgy to accompany the weekly lighting of the Advent candles.

Advent candle liturgies (PDF, 1.7mb)

Welsh version: Advent liturgy (PDF, 1.7mb)



Bible study (PDF) Bible studies and reflections

Thought provoking materials for use individually or in small groups.

Bible study (PDF, 3.5mb)

Welsh version: Bible study (PDF, 3.5mb)


 Children and young people

Children's activity sheet (PDF) Children’s activity sheet

Explore our Christmas story and the Nativity with this exciting journey, including bible passages to read and actions to do. 

Children's activity sheet (PDF, 2mb)

Welsh version: children's activity sheet (PDF, 3.2mb)



Nativity play (PDF) Nativity play

A short festive drama for use in churches or schools.

Nativity play (PDF, 3.4mb)




All age talk (PDF) All age talk and presentation

A short talk on our Christmas appeal designed for the whole congregation. Download the presentation to go alongside this talk.

All age talk: a very unusual birth (PDF, 3.4mb)

All age presentation: a very unusual birth (PPT, 11mb)

Welsh version: all age talk (PDF, 4mb)


Primary assembly (PDF) Primary school assembly

An assembly outline to be used with 7-11 year olds.

Primary school assembly plan (PDF, 3.2mb)

Primary school presentation (PPT, 11.2mb)

Welsh versions of the school resources are available on our Learn website.


Secondary assembly (PDF) Secondary school assembly

An assembly outline to be used with 11-14 year olds.

Secondary school assembly plan (PDF, 3.2mb)

Secondary school presentation (PPT, 9.4mb)

Welsh versions of the school resources are available on our Learn website.


Youth group Bible study

A festive session exploring our Christmas story especially for youth groups.

Bible study on the Christian Aid Collective website >


For help with any of your fundraising and Christmas activities, get in touch with your local office.




*Donations made to the Christmas appeal between 07/11/14 and 06/02/15 will be matched up to £5 million by the UK Government.


Your donation doubled

From 7 November the UK Government will double every pound you donate to our Christmas appeal, so even more lives can be saved in childbirth.*

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