Thank you

You have been amazing. You have baked, prayed, walked, swam, worshipped, collected, donated, taught, shared, cycled, presented, cooked, bought, climbed, abseiled, played, ran, performed, tweeted, sold, read, listened, discussed, worked, encouraged, talked and so much more for Christian Aid Week 2015.

We are truly humbled by your efforts. We are so deeply grateful. You are our heroes. Thank you, on behalf of Loko, Adi and the hundreds of thousands of people you will help because of what you have done this week.

With love from our staff and partners.

Please pay in
Loko with her youngest child Elema.
Loko outside her home in Yabello.
Loko chopping wood.
Loko carrying firewood to sell
Loko collects water in a jerry can. She needs to collect 3 or 4 of these a day. It takes her an hour and a half to walk to the water point.
Loko carrying water. She collects 3 or 4 of these a day. It takes her an hour and a half to walk to the water point.
Loko and her step daughter Dabo pound maize in a mortar.

The price of being a woman

‘I pray to God as I walk, asking him to change my life and lead us out of this.’

With your help, we can provide cows to vulnerable women in Ethiopia – just £150 is enough to buy a cow and a promising future for someone like Loko.

Get involved

Helping Loko go further

Small steps can turn dreams into reality for generations to come.

A cow grazing

Loko dreams of owning a cow

Loko pouring milk to make into butter

Selling the milk would provide an income

Loko counting money

An income could help set up a business

Loko in her community

This gives Loko status and a voice in her community


A voice means speaking up for women, challenging domestic violence and ending discrimination

Loko carrying water

At each step, Christian Aid journeys alongside poor communities as they walk free from poverty

Help provide for Loko

How you can help

How a cow changes everything

Two years ago, Adi was the poorest of the poor. Then Christian Aid provided a cow which gave her family nutritious milk. Adi churned butter and made money. It gave her a position in the community where her opinion is valued. Now her dreams have turned into plans and she has saved enough money to build a small shop.

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