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South Sudan crisis church resources

Your church can make a real difference to people affected by the South Sudan crisis. Hold a collection or download worship resources below to use in a service.

Hold a church collection

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Please call 0870 078 7788 or email by 12 noon on the Thursday of the week you will hold the collection, to ensure the envelopes arrive in time.

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Receive envelopes so your church can hold a collection the same week an emergency appeal launches.

Worship resources

For use in your church or individually

Prayer points

  • Pray for those who do not have enough to eat. Ask God’s blessing upon Christian Aid’s partners distributing food, and tools, seeds and fishing gear to help people get back on their feet.
  • Pray for clean water for those living in camps, and for the boreholes Christian Aid has repaired to supply water.
  • Pray for health and hygiene – for toilet facilities provided by Christian Aid, and our work to make sure people have soap and mosquito nets. Pray for medical facilities in need of drugs and medical supplies.
  • Pray for traumatised children whose education has been disrupted. Ask God to bless Christian Aid’s work to provide space for children to play, listen to stories, draw, dance and sing. Thank God for the measures in place to keep children safe, including a child abuse hotline in Juba. Ask for God’s protection upon children in camps.
  • Pray for the church in South Sudan, that she will be empowered to broker peace and bring reconciliation.


We pray for the many casualties of war in South Sudan,
for those bereaved or injured by conflict, 
for those bereft of their homes and livelihoods, 
for those in need of medical treatment.

We pray for the work of Christian Aid and its partners,
for the distribution of food, fishing gear and seeds, 
for soap, mosquito nets and water,
for a safe space for children.

We pray for the work of your church in bringing peace, 
for a listening ear and understanding heart, 
for productive negotiations and lasting peace, 
for strength to walk the long road of rebuilding and reconciliation.

The joy of our hearts has ceased; 
our dancing has been turned to mourning.
– Lamentations 5:15

The fields are empty – the sowers have fled,
the schools are empty – the children are taken,
the clinics are empty – there is no medicine.

The camps are full;
full of the homeless, the hungry, the desperate,
full of the heart-sore, the violated, the traumatised.

drive fear and despair from the full places,
fill the empty places with hope for the future.

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