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Stories from Typhoon Ketsana 2009

February 2013

Typhoon Ketsana struck the Philippines on 26 September 2009. More than four million people were affected as the typhoon tore a path through the capital, Manila, and neighbouring provinces. Tragically, over 700 people died.

In the immediate aftermath, Christian Aid and our partners responded with emergency relief assistance, providing items including food, blankets, medical kits and tools – such as shovels and saws - to help with the clean-up. For six months the focus lay with relief and early recovery.

A man walking through mud-covered Pasig city

Pasig city, Metro Manila, covered in mud one week after Typhoon Ketsana struck the Philippines in 2009. Christian Aid/Allan Vera.

The Ketsana Rehabilitation Programme

For the next two and a half years, the focus was on rehabilitation. The Ketsana Rehabilitation Programme, launched by Christian Aid and our partners in the wake of the typhoon, set out not only to restore the status quo but to improve the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to future disasters. 

Cash-for-work projects were integral to this aim, and provided people with an opportunity to earn an income while carrying out vital community work, such as reinforcing river beds to prevent further soil erosion from flood waters.

Watch now: Typhoon Ketsana 2009: Cash-for-work helps rebuild lives

Working together

Moving people beyond survival and subsistence to enjoy thriving and dignified lives is integral to the work of Christian Aid and our partners, and this programme was no different.

The publication ‘Resilient Urban Communities: Stories from the Ketsana Rehabilitation Programme’ features seven Christian Aid partners who, by working together, found successful ways to help poor urban communities recover from their loss and build resilience to future disasters.

With more than 20 typhoons battering the Philippines every year, the work of our partners has never been more important.

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