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Haiti earthquake: five years on

On 12 January 2015, Haitians will mark five years since an earthquake devastated the capital, Port-au-Prince.

We look back over what has been achieved in the last five years.

Infographic showing progress achieved since the earthquake in Haiti in 2010

Our work and challenges in Haiti today

While there has been some progress in education, infrastructure and agriculture, millions of people - around 75% of the population - still live in poverty.

Environmental degradation, particularly of the soil, is very worrying and a major risk to people’s livelihoods.

Furthermore, elections in Haiti have been delayed for the last three years, creating waves of strikes and disruption that have affected our ability to work in the field.

The political situation could undermine the progress achieved during the last five years.

Discover more details and highlights of our work in the country.

Listen now

Country Manager Prospery Raymond talks about the achievements of the last five years and spells out the challenges facing Haiti today.  

Prayer: After the earthquake

This prayer will be used in Haiti on the anniversary of the earthquake.

Our Father who art in heaven,
You alone are our hope.
Without your divine providence
We would have already disappeared.
Throughout time, we encounter tragedy,
If we survive, it’s thanks to you.
Have mercy on us!

Already in Africa, we have been sold;
Then sold and bought again in the Caribbean.
Despite this sad fate, we kept our identity.
Have mercy on us!

Pity the baby deprived of milk
For the starving mothers,
The fathers without work... 
...For the street children
Without fathers or anchor...
Lord, have mercy on us!

The soil is exhausted, hunger strikes us:
After the forced labour, forced rest,
For the farmer, the artist and the craftsman.
The land is eroding, life withers,
The country is empty...
Have mercy on us!

By your grace, we can suffer and struggle,
Smile and dance
Sing and HOPE... 
...That the sun will rise tomorrow, brighter!

Lord, our God, after this disaster,
We will not manage to count our dead,
Or give them a decent burial.
The number is staggering: 100,000? 200,000?
No one knows!
Death strikes everywhere: the bodies are lying everywhere.
Each family is in tears: the whole nation is in mourning.

God of all comfort, God of all hope
Lift us, O Lord, lift our country.
Lift us in the eyes of all people,
Before all the witnesses of our dire ordeal.
Grant that this piece of land bequeathed by our ancestors,
Irrigated by our tears, fertilised by our cries,
Is reborn and flourishes as a tropical flower.

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