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Eyewitness: Syria's refugees look to Iraq for support

11 March 2013

More than 109,000 Syrians have sought refuge in Iraq. In the north of the country our long-term partner, REACH, is working hard to meet the humanitarian needs of refugees.

Sulaiman: ‘Nothing left - no work, no market and even no life.’

Seventy-four-year-old Sulaiman from Syria once hosted Iraqi refugee families. Now he finds himself in need of refuge – in Iraq.

‘We hosted some Iraqi families in the last few years and I saw with my own eyes their struggle and suffering, and now the same is happening to our people.’

Sulaiman and his family left Syria in May last year due to the violence in the country and the deteriorating situation. There was ‘nothing left - no work, no market and even no life,’ he says.

Fears for Syria’s next generation

For Sulaiman, his main concern is about the future of Syria’s young people: ‘I am an old man, with not that much left to me, and it makes no difference to me if I spend the rest of my life here. What really concerns me are the children and young people, and their future.’

Christian Aid partner responds

Christian Aid is supporting REACH to help 1,500 refugee families around Sulaimaniya and Erbil in the north of Iraq, where there is great need. They are providing food supplies containing essentials such as rice, oil, beans, lentils and salt.

They are also working to protect refugees from the cold of the northern Iraqi winter by providing blankets and mattresses.

And they are making special provision to help children by providing infant kits containing essentials such as nappies, warm clothes and blankets. 

How you can help

Please help us to continue to support those suffering as a result of violent conflict across the Middle East by donating to our Syria Crisis Appeal.

Syria Crisis Appeal

Help provide essential services to families and communities in need.

GB Pounds (GBP)

How you can help Syrian refugees in Iraq

£21  could buy rice, vegetable oil, beans lentils, tomato paste and salt.

£43  could provide a hygiene kit with soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, wound disinfectant and bandages.

£60  could afford a blanket, mattresses, pillows and a cooking set.

Pray with us 

Pray for those affected by the crisis.