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Eyewitness: creating safer places for people to live

When Sanaa and her family fled from their home in Syria and arrived in Lebanon, they slept on the streets.

Eventually an elderly lady offered them temporary refuge in her home until they were able to find a more permanent place to stay.

She and her husband, along with their three children, now live in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el Helweh. Theirs is a small, humble and basic dwelling.

Sanaa and her family are among more than 886,000 refugees from Syria in Lebanon.

Syrian refugee Sanaa with her three children in Lebanon

Sanaa with her three children

Sanaa's story

Like so many others, she has no way of knowing what happened to her home in Syria, but believes it may have been destroyed. ‘There was no way for us to go back,’ Sanaa told us.

Sanaa and her family lack the most basic of resources. ‘The simplest things you might think of, we don’t have. There is no food for the children.

'It has been days and they have only been eating thyme and oil on a piece of bread. I don’t have winter clothes for my children. They don’t even have proper shoes.’

  • The simplest things you might think of, we don’t have. There is no food for the children.'

Christian Aid partner Association Najdeh

Christian Aid partner Association Najdeh is working with Palestinian refugee families from Syria, like Sanaa’s, to provide them with food vouchers, mattresses and blankets, cooking utensils and psychological support.

‘Najdeh helped us from the beginning,’ Sanaa said. They have always been there for us. When we got here we got everything from them. They have been on our side from the beginning.’

Like Sanaa, many refugees arriving in Lebanon from Syria are living in places that are overcrowded and where poverty is entrenched. Many are living in abandoned and disused buildings and garages, which offer little protection or shelter.

Safer places to shelter

In the coming months, Association Najdeh will be working with local communities to rehabilitate shelters, making them safer places for some of the most vulnerable refugees to live in.

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