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Voices from Syria - Syria Crisis Appeal

The ongoing violent conflict in Syria has affected millions of Syrians, more than 3.8 million of whom have fled the country as refugees.

Find out what Christian Aid partners are doing to help those who have escaped the conflict in Syria.

A broken family

Refugee home

Noora and her children had their husband and father Hamam taken from them in front of their eyes.

Safe homes

Sanaa and her family in their shelter in Lebanon

Sanaa and her family were forced to flee their home in Syria to sleep on the streets of Lebanon.

Inside Syria

A young Syrian refugee boy

Eyewitness account from our partner IOCC, one of the few aid agencies operating inside Syria.

Children & conflict

A young Syrian refugee girl dances with friends

How we're helping children affected by conflict through education and therapy.

Staying healthy

Sawsan and her family

Our partner, REACH, is providing hygiene kits to help Syrian refugees in northern Iraq to stay healthy.

Lost and unsettled

Young mother Vian, a refugee from Syria.

A young mother, forced to leave Syria for northern Iraq, feels like a stranger in a country that is not her own.

Escaping bombs

Nasrin and children outside of a tent

Nasrin's family fled their home in Syria after two days of sheltering from bombs falling nearby.

Syrian refugees

Samira and her baby son, with Syrian refugee children

Children who fled conflict in Syria receive psychosocial support

Syrian refugees

A Syrian refugee with her family

How partner IOCC is helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Refugees in Iraq

Hisham, a refugee in northern Iraq

How partner REACH is helping Syrian refugees in Iraq.

Syria Crisis Appeal

Help provide essential services to families and communities in need.

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