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Eyewitness: coping with life as a refugee

When her neighbour’s daughter was kidnapped in Syria by a gang seeking to profit from the insecurity in the country, May decided it was time to escape.

She fled to Lebanon with her two boys nearly two years ago. They have been living in a refugee camp ever since.

Struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened in her life, May told us: ‘The war has affected everything. Even taking a breath is different now.’

May and Mohammed

'We live day by day'

Like many, May and her family once lived a comfortable life in Syria. But as refugees in Lebanon, they have lost their home, comfort and security.

‘We live day by day and thank God for every day that passes. It is the same for others from Syria. We share the same suffering,' she explains.

‘There is no way to compare our life here with our life in Syria.

'It is very hard to move from a place where you’re comfortable to a new place where you have nothing.’

A child's view

May’s six-year-old son, Mohammed, is too young to understand much of what has happened.

  • Life in Syria was nicer. I had a teddy there but I had to leave it behind.'

But he does know that he prefers his old life in Syria: ‘Life in Syria was nicer. Here I don’t have many toys. I had a teddy in Syria but I had to leave it behind.’

Unable to attend school in Lebanon owing to a lack of places, Mohammed spends most of his days playing on the street.

Hope and support

Our partner, Association Najdeh, is working in refugee camps across Lebanon.

They provide vital humanitarian support to refugees who have lost almost everything to the conflict in Syria.

They hope to start work in the refugee camp that Mohammed lives in, to provide psychological and social support - including a safe space to play in for children like him.

Names have been changed in this article.

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