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Eyewitness: children and conflict

When Nisreen’s home in Syria was bombed and partly destroyed, she fled with her young daughter and her siblings, including 14-year-old Jaylan, to Lebanon.

‘It is very hard to describe the horrible scenes in Syria,’ Nisreen told us. After members of her family were killed in the conflict, she made the frightening journey across the border into Lebanon.

Nisreen’s younger sister, Jaylan, is a thoughtful and quiet young girl. She has been supported by Christian Aid partner Mouvement Social and attends their alternative education centre in Beirut.

Jaylan, 14, at Mouvement Social’s alternative education centre in Beirut
Jaylan, 14, at Mouvement Social’s alternative education centre in Beirut

Alternative education

Mouvement Social works across Lebanon to provide alternative education to children and young people experiencing social and educational difficulties. They work in some of the poorest and most isolated communities.

As a result of the conflict in Syria, the organisation has welcomed Syrian refugee children into their programmes, enabling them to continue their education and provide specialist emotional support where needed.

Jaylan is one of 120 children who, with Christian Aid Syria crisis appeal funding, has received one-to-one psychological and social support having been affected by the conflict in Syria.

‘When Jaylan first came to the centre she was extremely shy. Gradually she started taking part in activities, making friends and opening up to others’, her teacher, Iman, told us.

Art, dance and drama therapy

Mouvement Social uses art, dance and drama therapy to help children to express themselves and open up; providing them with a safe space in which to talk about what they have experienced in Syria.
‘It is everything here that makes me happy,’ Jaylan told us. ‘To meet with my friends and talk and have fun.’

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