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A race to prevent extreme hunger

Please give now to support millions of people facing crisis in South Sudan

After two years of conflict resulting in mass displacement, human rights abuses, and a humanitarian crisis, communities in South Sudan are now at breaking point.

South Sudan Crisis Appeal - 3.9m in need of food

Disrupted harvests and rises in food and fuel prices have compounded the situation as people in the worst affected areas now face severe hunger. Experts say there is a ‘concrete risk of famine occurring before Christmas’ (IPC) unless urgent and immediate humanitarian assistance is provided.

Latest figures show that the situation in South Sudan has seriously deteriorated, with 3.9 million people in need of urgent support.

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The alert from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) states that in some areas the situation has reached ‘catastrophic’ and ‘emergency’ levels.

In their time of need 

Over a third of the population are experiencing severe levels of hunger, and many are eating wild foods and drinking unsafe water to survive.

In Unity State, one of the three areas worst-affected, Christian Aid is supplying fast-maturing vegetable seeds, fishing nets and water purification tablets.

To prevent the spread of disease, we are also distributing hygiene kits, which include soap, sanitary products, jerry cans for transporting and storing water, and mosquito nets.

Unless the response can be scaled up, livelihoods and lives will be lost. But further catastrophe can be averted.  

Please hold out your hand to those who have already defied so much. We urgently need more funding to respond to this humanitarian crisis. Please give what you can today.

Origins of the conflict

In December 2013, fighting erupted in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and quickly spread to the Greater Upper Nile region. Though the conflict has its roots in political struggle, it has aggravated ethnic divisions and violent clashes have continued.

More than 2.2 million people have been displaced, and more than 600,000 people are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

In 2014, the humanitarian situation deteriorated dramatically. A famine was averted due to humanitarian assistance, but the food security situation continues to worsen.

The recent intensification of the conflict and the disintegrating economic situation have severe implications for the lives of people in South Sudan.

What we’re doing to help

We have worked in Sudan and South Sudan for many years. Since the crisis began, we have been working through local partners to respond to humanitarian needs, including:

  • providing access to safe water for drinking, cooking and washing

  • providing health education to enable people to protect themselves from disease

  • constructing toilets

  • providing household items and shelter to protect people’s health, safety, dignity and wellbeing.

We are also supporting the church in its historic and important role in speaking truth to power and preaching messages of peace and accountability.

While we continue to work on building peace for the long term, please give what you can today to help us reach those facing immediate crisis. 

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South Sudan Appeal

Help us provide emergency support to those in need.

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