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Refugee Crisis Appeal: our response

The world is witnessing the most unprecedented movement of people since the Second World War.

The Syrian conflict has driven the recent movement, but humanitarian crises in Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen, coupled with decades-old instability and conflict in places such as Afghanistan and Somalia, mean that millions of people have no choice but to be on the move.

Donate today  to provide urgent support to refugees in Europe and people in the countries they are fleeing from.

Offering sanctuary

Those now arriving on European shores face being sent back to Turkey, and potentially to the very countries from which they are fleeing. Rather than returning people to places of conflict and hopelessness, Christian Aid believes that the EU should instead focus on ensuring that European countries take a fair and proportionate number of refugees, and provide safe and legal means for them to reach the EU, including the UK.

'We are deeply concerned that the agreement with Turkey appears to ride roughshod over the basic principles of treating people with dignity and in accordance with international law. The proposal to send people back to places where they are not guaranteed protection is immoral and potentially illegal. Yet despite that, deportations from the Greek islands back to Turkey are already happening.'

‘The EU is clearly trying to keep the "problem" elsewhere.'


'Instead, what it should be doing is ensuring that European countries, including the UK, take a fair and proportionate number of refugees, and provide safe and legal means for them to reach the EU.

'The people with whom our partners are working with in Greece and Serbia have suffered enough. Many have endured years of conflict in their homelands. They’ve seen their homes, livelihoods and families torn apart by war, and have experienced things most of us can hardly imagine.

'People are leaving out of desperation and because they’ve lost hope. No-one would undertake such dangerous journeys if they felt they had other options. So it’s totally unacceptable that when they reach European shores – often having risked their lives to do so – they find themselves unwanted and unprotected, stranded and desperate.'

Jenny Brown, Senior EU Relations Advisor at Christian Aid

How we're helping...

Our ACT Alliance partners are continuing to respond to a fast-changing and ever more desperate humanitarian situation in Greece and Serbia, by providing essential support and urgently needed practical supplies, including: 

  • sleeping bags 

  • hot meals 

  • and toiletries.

Situation in Syria

In Syria itself, five years into the brutal conflict, millions of people remain trapped in besieged areas, displaced internally and in need of humanitarian assistance. In neighbouring Lebanon, more than 1 million Syrians are living as refugees, while in Iraq there are now a quarter of a million Syrian refugees. Owing to the conflict in Iraq, a further 3 million people are displaced.

We are providing displaced Syrians and Iraqis with access to psychological and social support, specialist services such as physiotherapy for refugees with disabilities and legal support for women who are at risk of, or have experienced, gender-based violence. 

How you can help

Donate nowDonate today to help provide urgently needed support and supplies to refugees in Europe and the Middle East.


Find out more

YouTube: Refugee Crisis - the way forward 


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Refugee Crisis Appeal

Help support refugee relief in Europe and people in the countries they are fleeing from.

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