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Eyewitness: 80 year-old Esperanza Daganta's story

Esperanza Daganta is currently surviving in a makeshift shelter following the devastation wrought by Typhoon Haiyan.

A cobbled together construction of wood and corrugated iron, the door to the shelter is now simply a  torn piece of lino and does little to keep her safe and protect her from the elements.

Esperanza Dagata  

Hungry and exhausted, 80-year-old Esperanza is now suffering with a cold. She says: ‘I’ve eaten only once in the past two days.’

Her 22 year-old grandson Ronald has been trying to find food and water for them ever since a landfall flattened their home. He currently lives with her in Barangay Cantahay in Guiuan, Eastern Samar.


Esperanza – her name means ‘hope’ in Spanish - says she is worried that she won’t have the energy to begin again - she is an old lady now.

‘I do not know how I will rebuild from all the heaps [of debris],’ she says.

Christian Aid’s local partners are responding right now and will be reaching thousands of people like Esperanza with emergency shelter kits, sleeping mats and blankets alongside water and basic food such as rice, beans and biscuits.  

Shelter of Esperanza Dagata

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