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Efren's story: 'My priority is mending the boat'

February 2014

Efren Villasis makes a living from fishing. When Typhoon Haiyan tore through his community last November, his fishing boat was damaged. His livelihood and only source of income ruined.

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‘At the moment my priority is mending the boat,’ explains Efren, ‘I fish for deep sea fish. I sell them in the market. I’m trying to fix my boat but I don’t have the money to mend it. I need to earn a living.’

Efren's fishing boat was damaged by Typhoon Haiyan - his livelihood ruined

Concepcion Islands, Iloilo. Efren’s fishing boat was damaged during the storm - his livelihood ruined.

Fishers and farmers are desperate

Making ends meet is the huge challenge that faces 5.9 million people, who have seen their boats wrecked, crops ruined and livelihoods destroyed.

People like Efren - struggling to get by, with a family to feed, clothe and keep healthy - face an anxious and uncertain future.

  • I’m trying to fix my boat but I don’t have the money to mend it. I need to earn a living.'

Helping people back to work

In the coming weeks and months Christian Aid partners, will be supporting farmers and fishers like Efren as they slowly begin to restore their livelihoods.

Cash grants and cash-for- work projects will help provide a vital source of income for many and the means by which households can meet their own particular needs - whether that’s fixing a boat, replacing a damaged roof or buying seeds to grow new crops.

Recalling the tragic moment Haiyan hit, Efren said, ‘I saw a big wave in the middle of the sea and we all ran to get away from the shore. The wave was higher than the coconut trees - all the boats on the shore were swept inland.’

‘I knew God was helping us, because my family and I survived, so I know God is looking after us.’



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