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Anxiety and uncertainty in the earthquake aftermath

Anil Pandy’s family home in Gorkha was destroyed when the powerful earthquake, the worst in 80 years, shook Nepal on 25 April.

Anil was working away in Kathmandu with his brother, Amrid, having travelled there in search of work last year, leaving behind their mother and two sisters.

Following the quake, they made the treacherous journey back to Gorkha to find their home demolished. Fortunately, their mother Laxmin and two sisters, Pramilla and Rasmilla, survived.

Anil and family on the site of their destroyed home

Anil with his family on the site of their destroyed home.


  • If we had the money, we would rebuild [our family home] but at the moment, we just don’t know what we’ll do to survive.’

Food and water

Anil said: ‘When my father died we were left with debt, which is why my brother and I travelled to Kathmandu to find work.

‘If we had the money, we would rebuild [our family home] but at the moment, we just don’t know what we’ll do to survive.

Following the earthquake, the family lost vital kitchen equipment, including water containers, plates, cutlery, cups and cooking pots. They salvaged what they could, but have had to rely on the kindness of their neighbours.

Our partner PGVS has since provided the family with essentials such as food rations, water purification tablets, tarpaulins and a hygiene kit consisting of essentials such as soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels, nail clippers and cotton buds.

Safe shelter

For Anil and his family, life after the quake remains anxious and uncertain. Yet thanks to the generosity of our supporters, many families just like Anil’s have received vital emergency support.

It’s unlikely Anil and his brother will have a job to return to in Kathmandu. They will once again begin the search for work - this time in a country hit hard by two powerful earthquakes in as many weeks.

Anil says he will remain with his mother for at least a month, helping to clear the debris and construct a safe and sturdy temporary shelter for the family.

With your help, we can reach more families like Anil’s; with the essentials they need to survive. Please give what you can to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal today. 


Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Help us provide emergency support to those affected by the earthquake.

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