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Eyewitness accounts - Iraq Crisis Appeal

Almost two million Iraqis have been forced to leave their homes in fear for their lives from Islamic State militants.

Read the stories below of frightened families and individuals who've been caught up in the crisis in Iraq.

Abbas and family

A cold winter ahead

Abbas and his wife Raghia have spent years on the move – their lives blighted by one conflict after another.

Left with nothing


Krishman's family fled to Sulaymaniyah after IS militants took Sinjar

Scared to death

Christian Aid's Ann Ward sits with an Iraqi woman

Christian Aid’s Ann Ward met families petrified of Islamic State militants sweeping across parts of northern Iraq.

Unable to escape

Three women waiting at a youth centre in Iraq

An eyewitness account of a father trapped in his home and separated from his family amid escalating violence

'A real disaster'

Food distribution in Iraq

Yazidi teacher Mr Hamo makes a heartfelt plea

Church for a home

A monk with displaced Iraqi Christians in a church

Monk offers fleeing Christians shelter in church

Ill father's struggle

Two teenage boys stand together, one holding a baby

Khamis is unwell and has been displaced. He must also try and support his family with the meagre savings they have.

Iraq Crisis Appeal

Help those left with nothing

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