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Father of five trapped as violence escalates

When Qasim’s village in Iraq was attacked, he and his family were forced to abandon their home with nothing and flee through their orchards under heavy gunfire and bombs.

While his wife and their five children could seek sanctuary in another part of the country, Qasim returned home to collect their ID cards and money, which they had been forced to leave behind.

But with the conflict intensifying in their village, it is too dangerous for him to escape.

Family forced to separate

Describing the situation, Qasim’s wife said: ‘When the shells dropped, the children were crying. We ran away [and] then a truck turned up and transported us to an area which was relatively safe.

‘Now we are here and my husband [is] unable to join us. He can’t get out because of existing sniper fire in the area.’

Like many who have witnessed violent conflict, Qasim’s wife is suffering from the psychological impact of what she has seen and experienced. Away from her husband, she and her children have been reliant on the generosity and support of local people.

What we’re doing

Our partner, REACH, is now working with people who have been displaced by the violence in Iraq. They are supporting some of the most vulnerable families with essentials such as food, mattresses and pillows, and health and hygiene items.

Please help

With your support they will be able to reach more people in need.

Please give what you can to our appeal. Thank you.


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