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A cold, hard winter ahead for displaced Iraqis

December 2014

As the nights grow colder and winter sets in, many of us can wrap up warm and put the heating on for those particularly chilly nights. But for a family in Iraq, things will be far from cosy, living in poor conditions, unable to afford heating.

Abbas and family

Abbas and his wife Raghia are two of the 1.9 million people who have been displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Their family have spent years on the move – their lives blighted by one conflict after another.

Having recently left Mosul with two of their children, Abbas and his family now rent a run down, one bedroom apartment in Shoresh in northern Iraq.

The family has been supported by our partner REACH with food parcels that each last for up to three weeks.

Abbas is thankful for the support, but is worried about the approaching winter and cold weather; the family is unable to afford fuel for the heaters.

His job as a sanitation worker provides him with a meagre income, out of which he must pay rent on their apartment, as well as pay back the debts he owes.

  • I miss my family, my neighbours and my home very much – especially my daughter.'

Missing school and loved ones

Unable to afford the cost of schooling, and as Arabic speakers (schools do not teach in Arabic in Sulamaniyah), Abbas’ two children have been out of formal education for some time now.

And like many of the people who have left their homes in search of safety, the family misses the community that they left behind in Mosul.

‘I am not happy,’ Abbas says. ‘I miss my family, my neighbours and my home very much – especially my daughter. My wife helps me to be strong. She is the strongest in our marriage. I joke that she is like a boxer.’

You can help people like Abbas

Our partner REACH is responding to the conflict in Iraq by providing food and other humanitarian essentials to displaced families who have arrived in the northern city of Sulaymaniyah and the surrounding areas.

Please give what you can to support our crisis appeal and our crucial work in Iraq.


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