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Iraq Crisis Appeal

September 2015

As the Iraq crisis continues and millions more are displaced by relentless fighting, Christian Aid continues to respond to people’s mounting humanitarian needs.

More than 3 million people have had to flee their homes.
The humanitarian situation in Iraq is dire. Successive waves of armed conflict within the country have left more than 8 million people – a large portion of them children – in need of humanitarian assistance.

This huge number includes 1.5 million people hosting those displaced by conflict, 1.4 million people living in active areas of fighting (where access to basic services is minimal), and a quarter of a million refugees, most of whom have fled civil war in neighbouring Syria.

Our partners’ vital work

Christian Aid partners have been responding to the needs of displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees by providing food, clothes, hygiene kits and health services to those who are suffering.

Conflict and the mass movement of people forced to flee their homes makes women and girls more vulnerable to violence and insecurity. Christian Aid partner Asuda, which works to combat violence against women, has reached thousands of vulnerable women providing some basic hygiene kits and helping them access Asuda’s counselling, legal and medical referral services. 

Psycho-social support for children and young people from Christian Aid partner REACH includes classes in music, art, drama, English and local Kurdish dialects, and a workshop on conflict and peacebuilding with children from displaced Iraqi, Syrian refugee and host communities. 

The targeting of minorities

It's clear that minorities, including Christians, Yazidis, Shabak and others, have been deliberately targeted, which we deplore. It's also clear that all Iraqis are under threat, and people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are among those affected.

Christian Aid: working with people of all faiths and none

Neither we nor our partners discriminate on the basis of religion as to who receives aid. We work to humanitarian and Christian principles, but we also know that singling out one ethnicity or religion for assistance could fuel further ethnic division and conflict. We stand firmly by our mandate to work with those of all faiths and none.

Where sectarian tensions can lead to conflict, we can help to mitigate this by ensuring we are being fair, transparent and principled in how we help those who need us most. We will continue to look for new partners in the country who can reach those most in need, including displaced Christian communities.

Advocating for a peaceful and just resolution

Humanitarian aid is essential at present, to meet the needs of the millions fleeing conflict. But this is only a short-term remedy.

We're advocating for a peaceful, just and inclusive resolution to the current conflicts.

We are urging our government and the international community to support the growth of inclusive government that represents all those living in Iraq, including minority groups. It is only then that Iraq will see a peaceful and just society for all faiths.



Eyewitness accounts

Reports, photos and podcasts from civilians caught up in the crisis in Iraq.


Iraq Crisis Appeal

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