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Eyewitness: keeping Syrian children safe in Lebanon

11 March 2013

Women and children refugees sitting in a tent

Since the conflict in Syria began almost two years ago, 1 million people have fled, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

After an often long, gruelling and terrifying journey, many have arrived in neighbouring countries with few or no possessions. They are in desperate need of essential items such as food and blankets, as well as trauma counselling.

The story of Hoda: ‘We buried my sister and then we left.’

Hoda is 11 years old. She and her family have been forced to flee their hometown of Derra in Syria. The last time they ran for shelter, Hoda lost her 10-year-old sister from a falling bomb.

Hoda arrived in Jnah camp near Beirut in Lebanon with her mother, brother and three sisters, having lost everything.

‘I am very sad. I always remember what happened. We could not tell our grandma about our sister until later and my father, who was in Lebanon, did not find out for a few days.’

Our partner: Mouvement Social

Our partner, Mouvement Social, have helped 1,500 Syrian refugees in the last year, providing children with education, psychosocial support and food.

Mouvement Social is making a huge difference to Hoda and other children who have suffered so much as a result of the conflict. ‘I love everything we do here. I especially love reading - I love Arabic literature,’ says Hoda.
As the conflict in Syria escalates, the future remains uncertain for Hoda and others like her. ‘My mother is still very sad. I miss Syria, but I would not feel safe there now. I feel safe here, I like it here.’

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